Located in Jakarta’s key business and shopping districts, VERDE TWO is a safe oasis of comfortable sanctuary in the heart of Jakarta. With ample five-star amenities and combined with health and wellness in utmost luxury, VERDE TWO is proud to provide unparalleled state-of-the-art amenities to ensure a balanced lifestyle for its residents. Residents staying here would find it convenient and comfortable.

VERDE TWO is a perfect blend of luxury living and resort-style relaxation for short-stayer residents with business and leisure purposes, but also act as a convenient, trusted option for long-term residents in the city. Specially designed to be a low-density residential area, layout of the building of VERDE TWO encourages physical distancing, so that residents can conveniently carry on their daily activities without worrying about sharing spaces. With a holistic approach to provide a balanced lifestyle experience, there is no better place to rest, relax, and recharge but VERDE TWO.

Inside the buildings, VERDE TWO has proven its commitment to provide healthy air to protect its residents’ respiratory system with high indoor air quality. VERDE TWO is the first apartment building with double air filtration system technology from Japan, that is useful for supplying its residents with high-quality indoor air at all times. Compared to Jakarta’s Air Quality Index that stands average at 117 μg/m³, VERDE TWO’s Indoor Air Quality Index stands much lower at 6 μg/m³. To ensure the cleanliness, the indoor air at VERDE TWO is continuously replaced with clean and purified outdoor air at all times while maintaining a minimum of 50% humidity level. For respiratory health, the double air filtration system also helps remove 99% of common air pollutants to reduce the risks of respiratory diseases.

To accommodate its residents need to nurture their health and wellbeing, VERDE TWO provides over 25 indoor and outdoor amenities. Residents are invited to a world of zen at the sensory garden to bask in the abundant sunlight and fulfill the daily needs of vitamin D. Between the lush gardens and distinguished public spaces that exude tranquility, a perfect place to find repose and nurture wellness.

Residents who choose to work from the comfort of their home don’t need to worry. VERDE TWO’s Private Business Center and Meeting Rooms are also available to maintain business activities and ensure that things run smoothly. Both Private Business Center and Meeting Room are fully facilitated with office equipment and connectivity. For residents on the lookout for entertainment-at- home, VERDE TWO’s is pleased to present Private Theater Room which can be a sophisticated retreat adorned by plush leather sofas, discreet high-tech lighting, and a state-of-the-art audiovisual system. For the little ones, VERDE TWO will keep them engaged with the Kids Playroom with customized interactive elements, as well as the children’s pool and splash pad. On top of that, VERDE TWO also welcomes pets as a part of the family by offering pet-friendly outdoor spaces where residents can take their furry friends on various fun activities.

For tenants’ and residents’ health, VERDE TWO is always committed to apply stringent safety measures throughout the premises. VERDE TWO has also implemented a strict rule for guests to show negative antigen results before being able to visit. VERDE TWO ensures a safe and sanitary living environment by measures such as daily disinfection, spot wiping high-touch surfaces every thirty minutes in common areas and shared spaces such as door handles, lift buttons, and concierge desk, as well as disinfectant fogging three times a week.

“Health and wellbeing is a priceless luxury now, and at VERDE TWO and FARPOINT, we take the wellbeing of our residents and staff seriously,” said Hellen Triutomo, Head of Marketing of FARPOINT. “To take extra precautionary steps, we have implemented a designated sanitary system to handle the household waste. VERDE TWO has prepared a special housekeeping & sanitary team who are geared with PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure a safe and hygienic disposal of residents’ household waste”, added Hellen.

With their strict healthy and safety measurements to maintain health and hygiene standards around the premises, In February 2021, VERDE TWO received the SafeGuard Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label certification by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in providing testing, inspection, and certification services with a 192-year legacy. The SafeGuard certification is a holistic program developed by hygiene experts that has certified up to 1400 businesses globally.

A field audit was carried out across all areas in both towers: Monteverde and Terraverde in January 2021, to ensure that VERDE TWO has implemented sufficient health and hygiene precautions that fulfill local government regulation as well global best practices.

The SafeGuard certification adds to VERDE TWO’s list of awards and accolades, one of them being the 2020 EDGE Green Building Certification System by IFC (a member of the World Bank Group), which recognizes VERDE TWO’S efforts in being the leading residential building that champions their effort in sustainability. In line with its commitment to provide quality living for the residents, VERDE TWO is also proud to share that it has had zero cases of Covid-19 from its staff and workers since the beginning of the pandemic.

“At VERDE TWO, we are committed to safeguarding the environment for health and wellbeing. We continuously pursue various avenues to provide peace of mind while in this time of uncertainty. The recognition from international  Bureau Veritas SafeGuard Label is proof of our commitment to making VERDE TWO a safe and hygienic space for both our residents and our colleagues in the property”, added Helen.

Jl. Kuningan Mulia Boulevard, Kuningan Setiabudi, Jakarta 12940, Indonesia
Phone: +6221 2941 0088