As the restaurants from Prima Rasa Konsep Group are reopening, we took the chance to experience dining in at the newly opened Liberta Italian Restaurant & Bar. This new hidden gem, located in the same area as Hokkaido Izakaya, Tucano’s Brazilian BBQ and Buffet, and Harum Manis Restaurant, offers traditional Italian dishes with a delightful twist. The team gathered inspiration from around the world to create a distinctive menu that many people will love, including us.

Entering this restaurant, you will be welcomed by its attractive interior coming from the New York loft-inspired design. Dominated by brick walls with dim lighting, our first impression was this place radiates such sophisticated and intimate ambiance. But after spending more time inside, we felt that the place is also casual and laidback. The types of vibe that you would need after a long bustling day in Jakarta. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor area, equipped with a stylish and comfortable table setting. Perfect for after-office visit, casual meeting, romantic dinner, or an intimate gathering with family or friend. As we visited the place during Covid-19 prevention, the table setting is following the physical distancing regulation, but of course, without comprimising its comfort.

Liberta Pizza

Liberta Italian Restaurant and Bar offers a wide selection of Italian-inspired dishes. Specialized in pizza and pasta, we did try two of the place’s bests, Liberta Pizza and Lobsters Linguine. At first glance, Liberta Pizza might look a regular Italian pizza while in fact, it is carefully prepared with very delightful toppings. The main character of this pizza is definitely the thin slices of guanciale which was already aged for 40 days. Guanciale itself is Italian cured meat made of pork cheek that is rubbed with salt and spices, then aged for at least three weeks. This what makes the meat has a very rich flavor with a soft texture, just like what Liberta served on the pizza. To balance the guanciale, Liberta Pizza also topped with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, arugula, fresh burrata, and shredded egg bottarga.

Lobster Linguine

As good as the pizza, the Lobsters Linguine is also the star of the restaurant. It is a linguine pasta cooked with crab meat red sauce and served with grilled cafe de Paris lobster. What we love about this dish is how the flavor of the pasta and lobster are well complemented each other. The crab meat red sauce was so fresh and flavorful with its perfectly-cooked linguine. Meanwhile, the lobster has this appetizing buttery and savory taste with a soft and chewy texture which is balancing the stand-out flavor of the pasta. Another thing that we love is this pasta comes with an abundant portion!

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