After providing incentives and stimuli for hotel owners through the Hotel Rebranding program, Liberta Hotel Internasional again provides color for the hospitality industry in Indonesia. In the midst of a difficult situation due to the Covid 19 pandemic whose impact is not yet over, LHI continues to commit to bring innovations and solutions to be able to continue to advance the national hospitality industry.

This time Liberta Hotel Internasional introduced The Liberta Digital Ecosystem, a digital platform that covers all hotel operations and sales. “LDE we developed to integrate all hotel systems, SOP and Golden Rules employees, from daily task operation to customer experience, so as to create a digital platform that can streamline operational activities but on the other hand also help boost hotel room sales, especially in the individual segment of
travelers and millennial market. What’s more, this platform provides free special hotels that are incorporated in the management of Liberta Hotel International”, said Niken Prawesti CEO Liberta Hotel International.

In line with this pandemic condition, many companies and corporations are focusing their strategies on lean organization and carrying out the company’s activities more efficiently. This system is proven to cut the initial investment costs of hotel owners in the IT system and reduce overall operational costs by up to 10%. During this time in general, running a hotel needed a variety of different IT platforms and minimal integration, as well as retainer costs are quite expensive and burdensome cashflow hotels.

Further explained, through Liberta Digital Ecosystem, customers are allowed to make reservations through the Liberta Hotels website and application at the cheapest online prices. Customers are also allowed to self check-in and check-out on the spot, interact with Liberta co-hosts and access all hotel services using the IT platform available in the Liberta Hotels app. Currently, the application can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Store.

Liberta Digital Ecosystem has been applied throughout the property under the management of Liberta Hotel International spread across Java and Bali. Niken added that the feedback from the implementation of LDE received a positive response from both customers and hotel owners. “Hotel guests feel there is a very friendly and helpful digital touch especially in the midst of pandemic conditions like this, because people tend to limit direct interaction
with others”.

“This system is still being developed and refined in accordance with user feedback and market demand”, said Niken. Until the end of this year there will be an additional 28 hotels under the management of Liberta Hotel International that will soon be able to enjoy this feature of Liberta Digital Ecosystem.

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