How about devouring Cut The Crab’s highlighted menu this weekend? As one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Jakarta, Cut The Crab will amuse you with a variety of appetizing seafood packages. Starting from the super satisfying Giga Godzilla Crab, to an array of fresh and scrumptious seafood mix packages. 

This time, we’d like to recommend one of this restaurant’s highlighted menus called Jaws Full Seafood Mix. Inspired by the title of a movie, this package is an ideal choice for true seafood lovers. It consists of various types of seafood which are classified as complete and very fresh. Starting from prawn, crawfish, green mussel, to calamari. Similar to any other package, the Jaws package also comes with various steamed vegetables, ranging from carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms. You can also choose another side dishes, such as steamed potato or sweet potato.

Cut The Crab Jaws Full Seafood Mix

Jaws Full Seafood Mix can be enjoyed with a choice of sauces available in this place. There are eight types, includes original, salty, caramel, lemon twist, sweet & sour, sweet, tasty coconut, and cheesy. Each sauce is also available in three levels of spiciness: not spicy, medium to XXX aka super spicy. Our favorite is the original sauce as we chose for this Jaws Full Seafood Mix package review.

Cut The Crab Jaws Full Seafood Mix

With a medium level of spiciness, we believe that this sauce is perfect for this package. A light punch of spiciness from the sauce can improve the taste of each steamed seafood served in this package without overdoing it. The whole flavor then get balanced with the vegetables which have a clean taste with a hint of crunchiness. Besides the original sauce, we also recommend you to try our other favorite, cheesy sauce with medium spiciness. This sauce will give your palate a unique experience, yet quite addictive. Tempting enough?

Cut The Crab
Jl. Cikajang No.32, Petogogan, Kby. Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12170
Hours: 10.30 am – 11.30 pm
Phone: (021) 7206810