VIN+ Arcadia, without doubt, is in the front line when it comes to dishing out delectable delights and selections of exclusive wines. Nevertheless, being located in the heart of Senayan area, it serves as a meeting point to those who work around this busy business district. Thus, providing quality entertainment becomes mandatory to create a comforting surrounding. Live music performances, DJ sets and even carefully curated song playlists are the vital spark that livens up the ambience. Let’s get acquainted to the brain behind the good music at VIN+ Arcadia, DJ Oki Octo, and have a closer look on his creative process to make prodigious song playlists.

Having a soft spot for house music genre leads Oki Octo to constantly instil this type of tunes into his set. “For me, house music is a continuing genre, which means once you mix it into a set, it will turn out to have an intro, a climax, and an outro,” explains this young lad. “Every week I try to generate a different theme on each day, especially to distinguish weekdays and weekends. During the weekdays I tend to go with classic hits, tropical hits, and slow jam and funk. For the weekend, the theme will revolve on all-round house music from the past, present and future – while Hip-Hop and R&B will be in my favourite stash on Saturday night.”

Making a good playlist takes quite an effort, vision and, of course, creativity. There is a long list of consideration to finally come out with such a powerful set. This music genius arranges a playlist by taking into account the mood, the time, and the ambience of a venue. “A fine dining restaurant requires classy and elegant tunes to suit the ambience. On the other hand, all-round song lists are more suitable for a casual restaurant to cater a varied market segment,” he says.

“Since VIN+ is about wine, restaurant and lounge, the playlist contains a mix of all-round, fun, elegant, matured and fresh songs – where it’s divided accordingly to lunch, tea time, dinner and afterhours. Each period needs a unique special treatment. Lunch time, for example, needs fun and easy listening tunes as a mood booster for the customers to carry on for the rest of the day, while slightly upbeat songs with vocals fit for an afternoon tea time. Dinner usually goes a tad more intimate, where a combination of jazz, soul, funk, and even a down tempo sort of music is more appropriate. And, afterhours is all about the bang – the time to go bold. Upbeat tracks such as classic house or deep house shall be on heavy rotation till the night ends,” enlightens the house music extraordinaire when asked on how he formulate his awe-inspiring playlist for VIN+.

Vin+ Arcadia