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The Wait is over! Finally we are pleased to announce Authentic Pilates has arrived in Indonesia and it’s located in Jakarta!

L’atelier de Pilates Romana New York is the first and only certified Romana Pilates studio in Indonesia directly connected to the original Pilates studio in New York following the authentic teaching of Joseph Pilates, the studio is fully equipped with all the complete line of the Original Pilates apparatus from New York.

Romana Kryzanowska is a direct disciple of Joseph Pilates, Romana has work for Joseph in his New York studio since she was 17years old. Joseph Pilates named Romana Kryzanowska as the Director of “The Pilates studio” and Romana continued to teach and operate Joseph studio after he passed away.

Yvonne Wong is a Level Instructor of Romana Pilates. She has been trained by best of the best in Romana program from New York to the Netherland to Chicago to Paris. Her Studio is located in a vivacious neighborhood in Jalan Senopati, Jakarta.

Yvonne Wong was first introduced to Romana regarding a painful back problem, she then become a client of Romana for many years before finally deciding to do the full certification and be certified as a Level Romana instructor.

Yvonne Wong Quote “Through Romana I experience the difference and the magic of Pilates, I was a client with a body who couldn’t do anything so I understand the struggle, Romana Pilates made a huge difference to my body, before long I was able to do many things without a struggle, my pain is gone, I was strong and my body never felt so good”.

Come and Feel the Difference!

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Studio PIlates

Yvonne Wong
Whatsapp: +62-81-6508099
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Jalan Senopati No. 8
Senayan, kebayoran baru
Jakarta, 12190


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