One of the most important Spanish social rituals is “Not only food is shared, but life is also shared.” We keep this close to our hearts hence collective creativity that Chef Rafael shared with the team resulting eight new dishes to the menu. 

Our crowd favorite, Costillar Con Pimiento de Piquillo is having a new amigo; Costillar Con Verduras with a touch of root purée and signature glace de viande. Going clásica on Tapas, Albondigas en Pepitoria and Pollo Ajillo are two newcomers that originate from Chef Rafa’s childhood memories. From the land, Caspar’s bestseller Pollo Mantequilla got some comfort food companions, Pechuga 3 Pimientas—grilled breast chicken with 3 pepper sauces and Flamenquin Cordobes, Spanish chicken cordon-bleu. 

Salmon en Salsa Blanca

With its location in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is famous with its seafood therefore three From the Sea dishes in the menu: two with Spanish heritage, Salmon en Salsa Blanca and Bacalao Vizcaina, and another with South American roots, Moqueca Brasileña. These three dishes have different cooking method and sophisticated techniques involving some Latin cuisine influences. “I really hope that people can understand more Spanish food because from understanding comes love and my job is a success when I can make people love Spanish food!” mentioned the Valencian Chef who has been working in some Michelin Stars Spanish restaurants, including Alevante and Aponiente to name a few.

Pechuga 3 Pimientas

At the helm of Imam Azzai, our beverage team has also done some extensive R&D and created six creative caffeinated beverages. The classic Café Bombon is making an appearance to the menu, the milky, frothy, and sweet Valencian coffee is a perfect option to jump start the day. For the experimental crowd, some barista creations to try comprise Pina Brew (involving pineapple), Hibiscus Mint (Coffee meets Tea—finally), Coco Coffee Tini (0% Espresso Martini), Coffee Mary (Bloody Mary inspired caffeine fix), and Burjo Latte (inspired by Indonesia’s famous street soup Bubur Kacang Ijo, but make it coffee). Classic laddies and lassies can always order the regulars and try the new ones later in the evening to combine with our extensive cocktail list—just an idea for the night owls. 

Floral Under the Rocks, G_T, Hibiscus G_T, Coffee G_T

DAILY PERKS AT CASPAREvery day is a fiesta at Caspar as we have daily offerings to our patrons. Come Monday and enjoy entertainment by the talented singer, Rick Karnadi and friends, as well as to take advantage on Gintastic Monday where guests can enjoy a free flow gin and tonic for two hours. Tuesday is for margarita lovers and Wednesday is for the Highball-ers accompanied with acoustic performances bringing a playlist to encourage you to singalong. Weekend start earlier at Caspar with The Studios on Thursdays when emerging guest DJs spinning eclectic mashup tunes and a Thirstful Thursday—a special offering for half dozens of tequila shots without “damaging” your pocket. Some Casparians plan their party early as they have booked tables for Loco Loco Fridays and Fuego Saturdays where exclusive local and international.


line-ups spinning some afrobeats, techno, and progressive house with laser shows by our resident VJ MYDNRTNA. To complete your Caspar’s la vida loca, “the purists” can also enjoy It Takes Two, a full week of special promotion for our selected premium bottles in almost half price.

Feast and Fiesta at our home because mi casa, su casa. Vamos and experience a life like a true Casparian. 

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