6. Explore Puncak

Jakarta Weekend Getaway Guide

Puncak, or ‘the peak’, has been considered a favorite among Jakartans for a quick weekend getaway, after Bandung and Bogor, for decades.  We love its clean air, the many tea plantations on either side of the main Puncak road, and the many activities you can do there; from paragliding, tea plantation walking, or just relaxing and admiring the beautiful view. Please be aware that traffic can be horrendous on long weekends, added with the local police’s ‘buka-tutup’ system where the main road is made one way—either upwards or down depending on the time slot— to ease the congestion. Here are things you can do while exploring Puncak.

7. Escape to “Mini Indonesia”

Jakarta Weekend Getaway Guide
Rawa Pening

Salatiga or also known as Mini Indonesia saves a lot of treasures that can be explored. The city has a strong regional culture among its citizens, perfect for cultural travelers. Salatiga is also known as a historical city as there are still so many relics from the Dutch colonial period here. Not to mention that the city has charming culinary as well. We list down things you can do while escaping to Salatiga on this link.

8. Aesthetic getaway in Instagrammable spots

With Instagrammable places is growing fastly around Jakarta, why not having an aesthetic getaway during your weekend. Bandung and Bogor are well-known as the cities with spots with an eye-catching and distinctive concept. Take aesthetic photos in Bandung Instagrammable spots. Or, experience an aesthetic coffee time in Bogor Instagrammable coffee shops.

9. Culinary Trip

Jakarta Weekend Getaway Guide
Kluwih Sunda Authentic

A comfortable distance from Jakarta, especially by train, Bogor is a great weekend escape from the heat of the big city. A rainy city where the air is fresh, the trees lush, and where the hundreds of unique eateries and restaurants have attracted food hunters from neighboring cities to try and enjoy. We have compiled a list of places to dine and drink in Bogor for your culinary trip.

10. Get closer to animal


Get close to nature is always the favorite thing to do during the weekend for Jakarta people. Thankfully, the city is close to some places that expose nature with a beautiful and panoramic view. While experiencing nature, you can also get closer to animals by visiting the zoo or national part. Ujung Kulon National Park could be the best choice to have a special experience with animals. The place is located in Banten and it is Indonesia’s first proposed national park and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 for containing the largest remaining lowland rainforest in Java. Ujung Kulon is the last known refuge for the critically endangered Javan rhinoceros after poachers killed the last remaining rhino in Cát Tiên National Park of Vietnam. Not only rhinos but you can also spot other animals, such as birds, deers, otters, monkeys, and more.

Other than Ujung Kulon National Park, Taman Safari Indonesia zoo located in Puncak.  Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) is a world-class zoo and titled the best conservation site by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. Taman Safari Indonesia covers an area of 170 hectares (420 acres) and houses a collection of 2,500 animals, including Bengal tigers, Malayan sun bears, giraffes, orangutans, hippos, zebras, and Sumatran elephants. Some, such as the Bali myna, are involved in conservation projects. The majority of the species represented are Indonesian. Visitors are encouraged to drive through the park and it is possible to come within touching distance of most of the animals. Some areas allow guests to feed animals from their cars. Guests are not allowed to feed carnivores, and the area that showcases carnivores such as tigers and lions are monitored by the warden. Guests that didn’t own cars may see the safari areas from buses that are run on schedule. Sometimes, many wild crab-eating macaques, plantain squirrel, and birds can be seen roaming the Safari area.

Ujung Kulon National Park
Pandeglang, Banten
P: +62253-801731

Taman Safari IndonesiaJ
Jl. Kapten Harun Kabir No. 724, Cibeureum, Cisarua, Bogor
P: (+62251) 8250000
Instagram: taman_safari

11. Discover Thousand Island


Luckily there’s a cheap, easily accessible but often overlooked island escape right within the Jakarta regency-Pulau Seribu, or Thousand Islands! Though you may have heard of Pulau Seribu and deemed it not worth your time and effort, it’s actually a great option for a short trip, not very touristy, and cheap and easy if you have the right information. A return to nature that recharges mind, body, and soul need not cost a week’s worth of time and money, one day and an estimated IDR 300,000 to 400,000 (including food, transport, and a little extra for any other costs) are all you need to enjoy Pulau Seribu the local way. Find out more about how to enjoy the island here.


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