There is a bunch of options to support our everyday meal during this #stayathome period. You can get them through the food delivery service of your favorite restaurants. Or, you can order the ready-to-eat meal from these local shops for food stock in your home. The later is also could be your simple act to support the minor local business in the city during a tough time like this.

1. SESA Indonesia

SESA Indonesia sells a variety of healthy products to support your healthy lifestyle. Ranging from fresh products, such as vegetables, fruit, various cooking ingredients, body care, and beauty, as well as home appliances from local and international brands. In addition, SESA also offers superfood to be delivered to your place. SESA has the first free-range organic chicken farm in Indonesia. With organic spices and vegetable feed, the chickens have higher nutrition and are safe for consumption.

IG: sesaindonesia

2. Eatporklove

Eatporklove will surely fulfill your craving for pork as this shop sells various kinds of pork dishes. Mostly inspired by local cuisine, you can enjoy Pork Rice Bowl with Sambal Matah and Egg, Pork Satay, Crispy Pork Meatball, and more.

Instagram: eatporklove
P: +6281293847778 (WA)
LINE: @eatporklove
Order link:

3. Loka Padang

Loka Padang is the first vegan nasi Padang in Jakarta. Offers various kinds of plant-based Padangnese cuisine with the same delicacy as the regular ones. You can order the lunch package, as well as in bulk for your food stock at home via the food delivery service app.

Instagram: lokapadang
P: +6221 25981463

4. Kareiya Fusion

Kareiya Fusion is specialized in Japanese food, such as curry rice and ramen. This restaurant also offers instant curry sauce and ramen instant package if you’re longing for some Japanese delicacy. All the products can be ordered online and delivered to your place.

Instagram: kareiyafusion
P: +6221-54211175

5. Butter Batter by Fituri

Butter Batter is famous for its Soft Regal Cake which you can buy it in cup size or pan size (20×20 cm). Enjoy layers of your favorite biscuits with vanilla cream and chocolate top. Perfect for personal indulgence, self-reward, and hampers for loved ones. This shop also sells another cake selection, including pies, brownies, and muffins.

Instagram: butterbatterid

6. Acaii Tea

Acaii Tea sells a variety of cold-pressed juices, cold-brewed teas, water kefir, kombucha, and detox packs made from the best natural ingredients. All Acaii Tea products are 100% free of preservatives, coloring, or flavoring.


7. Sansday Indonesia

Sansday is your great choice for go-to rice meal. This shop offers ready-to-eat chicken rice box with various sauces. Sansday also offers snack platter in a box if you in need of comforting snacks.

Instagram: sansday.eatery

8. Goela Bien

This shop is known for its homemade cakes and light bites. But during the social distancing period, you can also order its cake in the box selections to be delivered to your place.

Instagram: goela.bien

9. Breena

Breena offers handcrafted cake and cookies with classic recipe & authentic taste. Famous for its soft cookies that you can order online and delivered to your place. This shop also sells other cookies and cake in a jar.

Order link:

10. Laukita

Laukita comes as a solution for those who need ready-to-eat home meals. The shop offers various frozen Indonesian dishes, such as Bistik Lidah, Cakalang Mercon, Ayam Rica Kemangi, and more. All the foods are carefully prepared with fresh and good ingredients, no preservatives, and easy to serve (microwave, steamed, boiled, or sauteed).

Instagram: laukitaindonesia

11. Madre Homemade

Madre Homemade sells Indonesian homemade dishes in a ready-to-eat package. From chicken, fish, to meat dishes, you can order them online and the food will be delivered safely and hygienic to your place.

Instagram: madrehomemade
P: 08161146718 (WA) | 085883160822 (WA)