Jakarta Aquarium was inaugurated by Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti, Minister of Marine and Fisheries on 16th October 2018. Jakarta Aquarium is located in the centre of the shopping area of West Jakarta Mall, Neo Soho, LGM-LG Floor, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28 Jakarta 11470. Open daily, Monday-Sunday and Public Holidays, 10am – 10pm. Jakarta Aquarium is the first Aquarium, in a mall, in Indonesia. It is a collaboration between Taman Safari Indonesia, and Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia, with a focus on edutainment for all the family. We pride ourselves on being a centre focusing on conservation and preservation.

Jakarta Aquarium presents the concept of a holiday in nature, displaying the beauty and diversity of Indonesian waters. We take you on a journey from soothing to romantic to adventure. Something for everyone. Jakarta Aquarium has received the award of Trip Advisor`s Certificate Excellence Destination 2018 and Indonesia Travel Tourism Awards (ITTA) as Indonesian Leading Conservation Destination 2017 – 2018 / 2018 – 2019.

Jakarta Aquarium is known for our range of underwater animals and renowned for its many varied zones which transport our guests into different regions and continents. It has an area of 7,200 m2 with 3598 animals and 354 species. The Aquarium is much more than just large tanks for fish. It offers opportunities for all to discover the underwater world and see aquatic creatures more closely, and to learn about the habits of all species with the support of our full trained guest associates. It is an environment focused on the education of its patrons, especially children. It promotes awareness on conservation and preservation and we also work with many schools, by supporting their syllabus in any marine life activities.

Jakarta Aquarium invites everyone to find out more about the wildlife and marine biota of Indonesia. To open the minds of the younger generations especially the children, to teach them the importance of nature and their part to play in the conservation of our planet. We do this with the support of such initiatives as “LAUTKU BERSIH” which is a programme to encourage people to explore the wealth of Indonesia and to support the preservation of our waters in Indonesia, and the rest of the world.

Jakarta Aquarium has several zones that can accommodate up to 2500 visitors:
Deep Diving Zone
Coral reef ecosystem zones. Travel underwater and enjoy the discovery of marine ecosystems.

Island of Indonesia Zone
Island of Indonesia zone equipped with multimedia facilities to access information about the natural and cultural riches of Indonesia.

Indonesia Rain Forest Zone
Rainforest ecosystem zones.

Nurseries of the Sea zone
Featuring mangrove forest ecosystems and habitats of the stingrays.

Swirls & Jewels Zone
Fish habitat zone showcasing fish that swim in shoals.

Touch and Find Zone
The touch pool area where visitors can interact directly with touching the animals, under the supervision of our trained Guest Associates.

Rivers of Indonesia Zone
Freshwater fish habitat zone

Jellyfish Magic Zone
Jellyfish habitat zones.

The South of The Sea Gallery Zone

This zone offers the main tank windows of aquarium with a traditional Indonesian décor theme. Showcasing our largest collection of underwater fresh fish and sea animals. Tropical forests where you can observe feeding sessions, throughout the day. Offering a huge range of species, including endangered and native fish like our giant Grouper, weighing 300 kg, jellyfish, sharks, and stingrays.

Aquatrekking: Don’t have a license to dive? No problem, we can help. You can still feel the excitement and adventure of the sea with our Aquatrekking activity. Wearing oxygen helmets and a dive suit, you will get to dive in our main tank with our guide, and experience the true wonders of the ocean. You will cross paths with so many species. Some small, some LARGE. Some stunning in colour and shape, and others more fearful, such as sharks, stingrays and giant grouper. It’s a truly wonderful and exhilarating experience. Try for yourself.

Pearl of the South Sea: An epic performance that tells a story of a King and his love for his daughter, the beautiful Princess. This story is adapted from a local tale that takes place in a kingdom in the  southern part of Java. Be ready to be dazzled by this magical performance that combines stage act, illusion trick and underwater dance.

Theater 5 Dimensions: Be transported in a virtual submarine, taking you to the depths of the ocean and encounters with many species, good and BAD. Don’t be scared, we look after you.

Jakarta Aquarium also offers our signature product, AQUACAMP. This programme allows children to experience the entirety of aquarium life. They are involved with the aquarists, divers, vets and an educational programme that supports their thirst for knowledge. An opportunity to camp under the stars and observe our species in a nocturnal environment.  Activities of the AQUACAMP are:

  1. A tour of the Aquarium & supported interaction with animals.
  2. Fun games, treasure hunt and fish sleep together.
  3. Observe animal behaviour at night.
  4. Study of the mangrove forest & line.
  5. Learn about species through touch and feel programmes.
  6. Meet the Aquarist, Vet and Keepers.
  7. The experience of studying animal wealth.
  8. Feel the sensation as if being in a real submarine while exploring the Ocean through Theater 5D.
  9. Observe the animals, touching directly some of the animals, watching and a chance to feed the penguins and some fun activities before bedtime.

After exploring Jakarta Aquarium, why not enjoy a delicious range of foods in our Pingoo restaurant, offering a range of local and international dishes, all made with the finest ingredients by our award winning Chef and his team. Why not stop by our Ocean Wonders retail store to look at the many amazing gifts on display. From plush toys, to t-shirts, magnets, pens and a whole load more of gifts to suit all the family. A souvenir to complete your journey of excitement and fantasy.

With the tagline “Explore, Engage, Grow”, our mission is to provide the best for preservation, conservation and edutainment to all ages. We all have a responsibility in saving our planet. Our focus is to ask all guests to explore the wealth of diversity and culture we have on offer. To engage with our Guest Associates and learn more about our species and the roles they play in developing our planet. Then finally to utilize that knowledge and Grow. If all make one change in their daily life in protecting our planet, we can all make a difference.

Jakarta Aquarium
Neo Soho Mall, LG 101 – LGM 101
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav 28
Jakarta Barat
Ph.(62-21) 2789 3435

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