On May 31, 2019, we have just commemorated National Book Day, which is a day to grow and improve reading culture, add insight, increase knowledge and sharpen creativity and imagination in Indonesian society. The date was chosen because it coincided with the day of the establishment of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia in 1980. The initial initiator was from the then Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Abdul Malik Fadjar and was introduced in 2002.

In the commemoration of the day, the Jakarta Aquarium celebrated with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, which is collecting donations of reading books for children from all employees and visitors of the Jakarta Aquarium where the program starts from 17 – 31 May 2019. In collaboration with the Volunteer Community “1001 Books”, the results gathered were submitted to “Umah Ilmu Pasilian Mini Library”, Tangerang, Banten.

In addition to the process of submitting donation books carried out by representatives from the Jakarta Aquarium to representatives of the Umah Ilmu Pasilian Mini Library, then from 1001 Books tells the story of “WASTE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY” which teaches to care more about the garbage we produce every day and consequently if we don’t care about garbage to children. The Jakarta Aquarium also plays videos about “SAY NO TO PLASTIC” containing information about the dangers of plastic waste for the environment and how to minimize the use of plastic that is difficult for us to avoid in everyday life but can be minimized. After screening the video, the children were given questions about the information played in the video and those who could answer were given souvenir gifts.

Jakarta Aquarium provides education about sorting waste and its effects on the surrounding environment for children of residents around Pantai Cangkir. The education is covered with entertainment in the form of games by including the garbage that has been provided from various types of waste such as leaves, batteries, plastic, paper and others that represent organic, non-organic, paper and Hazardous and Toxic waste to in a trash can so it’s fun and easy to understand for children. The last activity was closed with the distribution of Tote Bag from Jakarta Aquarium which functioned as a substitute for plastic bags and took pictures together with the Jakarta Aquarium Team, 1001 Books Team, Representatives of the Umah Ilmu Pasilian Mini Library and children of residents around Pantai Cangkir.

These activities planned to be carried out periodically by the Jakarta Aquarium, intending to invite the public to find out more about the Indonesian wildlife and marine biota, opening the minds of the young generation, especially children, to look after and care for through the “LAUTKU BERSIH” program which is the movement to invite people to explore Indonesia’s wealth and the continuation of water culture.

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