Ishigamaya Restaurant managed by Kichiri is already a popular place in Japan where people can enjoy the premium quality of Hamburg steak. It made of 100% premium beef imported only from US and Australia and grilled in a 400-degree stone oven. With its success in Japan, Ishigamaya restaurant then expands its business internationally. Opens the first international outlet in Indonesia, located at Lumine, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Brings the same standard as in Japan, Ishigamaya surely a new casual dining place to look into.

At the opening ceremony, we were served with the restaurants signature menu specially designed by Executive Chef Yukihito Sakase. He was a founder of 3 Michelin-Star restaurants before joining Kichiri. The menu started with Ishimagamaya Salad consists of lettuce and tomato with restaurant signature dressing. This salad is topped with fried onion which gives such a twist taste. The salad was served together with a fresh Tomato Soup and Ishigamaya signature bun. We love the bun as it is extremely soft yet solid with a hint of milky and savory flavor.

Came after the starter was the star of the place, Ishigamaya Hamburg, a Hamburg steak served with spaghetti, corn, and beans on a hotplate. Guests can choose the sauce as well as the cheese topping as we tried the cheddar cheese topping with original sauce. The beef is slightly crispy on the outside, while it is very delicate in the inside. We could taste how the meat was melting in our mouth. Though it is served in a bountiful portion, the seasoning absorbed perfectly as we could taste the savory and juicy flavor in every bite.

Ishigamaya also serves its highlighted dessert, such as Fondant Chocolate and Honey Toast topped with ice cream.

Ishigamaya Restaurant
Lumine at Plaza Indonesia Level 5
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.Kav. 28-30, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
10 am – 10 pm
IG: ishigamaya_jakarta