In order to support the government in suppressing the spread of the COVID-19, Intiwhiz Hospitality Management hotel chain launches the “Paket Isolasi Mandiri”, which provides full accommodation and facilities specifically for people who are encouraged to undertake independent quarantine after work trips.

Intiwhiz hotels provide an Paket Isolasi Mandiri for 14 days, valid until 31 May 2020. Facilities provided to support quarantine needs include sterilized rooms, body temperature checks, and herbal drinks at check-in. Hand sanitizers available at several hotel points, including scheduled hotel cleaning.

Guests will get hygiene and high quality in-room breakfast every day for one (1) person and two (2) large bottles of mineral water, delivered by staff equipped with personal protective equipment. Other facilities provided by hotels including high-speed Wi-Fi access to support guests’ daily activities and entertainment inside the room.

Intiwhiz Hospitality Management has a standard for the entire hotel chain to always prioritize the comfort of guests when visiting and staying, and it is a commitment from management to always serve the best possible and facilities that can guarantee the satisfaction of guests.

Related to the news about COVID-19 that has entered Indonesia as well as an official statement from the World Health Organization (WHO) that COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, Intiwhiz Hospitality Management also participated in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the hotel area through various preventive measures, including:

1. Checking guests’ body temperature before entering the hotel
2. Hand sanitizers are available throughout the hotel lobby
3. Disinfect and clean the hotel thoroughly
4. Consistently maintaining the quality and hygiene of food dishes
5. Services from staff with health standardization

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