On October 16, the Indonesian Design + Art Foundation is supported by the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), Artura Insanindo, and grandkemang Hotel Jakarta holds the 10th Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD), titled “Factor-X”.

ICAD 2019 will take place from 16 October to 24 November at grandkemang Hotel, Jakarta and will be filled with various supporting activities in the form of conventions and collaborative art performance design, art, technology, entertainment and hospitality industries as well as raising local Indonesian wisdom. Everything aims to show and bring the wealth of Indonesian art and design to the public through exhibitions held in public spaces.

Celebrating a decade of implementation, this year ICAD came up with a different concept of visualizing works. In ICAD 2019, through a search of the work process, visual works will be displayed to illustrate the mapping of the thoughts of 10 maestros from various fields, in the In Focus zone. Here, the Curator delves into maps of thinking and backgrounds of artists who have made major contributions in the development of contemporary Indonesian art and design in the last twenty years: Adi Purnomo (Architect – Jakarta), Agus Suwage (Artist – Yogyakarta), Nirwan Dewanto (Sastrawan – Jakarta), Dolorosa Sinaga (Artists – Jakarta), Hadiprana (Interior Designers – Jakarta), and others.

For the first time, this year ICAD opened Open Submission. Of the many concepts that were registered, there were 8 creative actors chosen to work at ICAD 2019. The program also presented a number of Special Appearance works, one of which is the work of Angela Ciobanu, a Romanian jewelry designer.

In addition, the 2019 ICAD for the first time will feature a major program in the form of the ICAD Award, a tribute to creative actors who are considered important and have a major contribution to the development of the world of design and contemporary art in Indonesia. The award recipients will be selected by the jury from the recommendations and research conducted by ICAD.