Indonesian philanthropy in conjunction with Dyandra Promosindo organizes Indonesian Philanthropy Festival (FIFest) 2018 which runs from November 15-17 2018 at the Jakarta Convention Center. The rapid development of philanthropic institutions in Indonesia has encouraged various innovations in philanthropic activities. It includes the process of applying information, imagination, and initiatives to produce greater value from the resources they have.

“The holding of FIFest 2018 is a virtue festival featuring exhibitions and forums full of information, innovation, knowledge, and inspiration. FIFest 2018 also provides an opportunity to support philanthropic activities through various programs,” said Erna Witoelar, Co-chair of Badan Pengarah Filantropi Indonesia.

This exhibition and forum was opened and inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia represented by the Minister of National Development Planning – Head of BAPPENAS, Prof. Dr. Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro. On this occasion, he was also accompanied by Sri Adiningsih, Chair of the President’s Advisory Council, Anita Nirody as PP Ambassador for Indonesia, Franky Welirang and Erna Witoelar as Co-Chair of the Indonesian Philanthropy Steering Agency, and Daswar Marpaung as President Director of PT Dyandra Promosindo. In addition, there were also a number of practitioners who will fill the discussion forum during FIFest 2018.

Along with the opening of the FIFest 2018 exhibition and forum, BPJS Employment launched the BPJS Employment Volunteer Protection and Social Security Program. In which it is marked by the submission of volunteer protection cards to 5 (five) recipients representing Indonesian volunteers. This Volunteer Card is the latest innovation synergy of BPJS Employment, BJB Bank, BNI Bank, and philanthropy for the welfare of national volunteers where the volunteer cardholders have been protected by the Work Accident Guarantee program and the BPJS Employment Death Guarantee. The card can also utilize transaction services provided by banks.

FIFest 2018 generally consists of exhibitions and philanthropic forums. The philanthropic exhibition will showcase the diversity of philanthropic institutions from various sectors such as government, the private sector, community, corporate foundations, social associations that can show their innovations related to the achievement of the SDGs. While other activities are forums or discussions on various aspects of institutions and philanthropic programs.