Responding to the West Java Governor’s Decree and the Kota Bekasi Mayor’s direction to begin distance learning from home for 2 weeks, Sekolah Victory Plus Bekasi conducted an interactive distance learning program.

In short, the interactive distance learning program occurs daily, but online. Students use video conferencing facilities to interact directly with their teachers and peers during the learning process.

Facing the Challenge in Distance

Teachers continue to carry out school activities as usual, but the difference is that they conduct classes in front of devices connected online with their students in their respective homes. “We understand that interactive distance learning cannot be fully carried out like teaching at school due to various challenges such as the limited availability of tools and learning resources at home, the quality of internet connections at home, the limited time using gadgets for young children and the safety factors that may arise when students access the internet. Nevertheless, Sekolah Victory Plus Bekasi continues to provide meaningful education for our students through this interactive distance learning program. Teachers conduct learning both through online face-to-face meetings and through assignments that are tailored to their learning. This program also requires support from parents at home.” added Maria Bhekti Utari, Principal of Primary School at Sekolah Victory Plus Bekasi.

The Importance of School Infrastructures

Organizing the program is not simple but relatively easy. Thanks to technology so that, we can use facilities such as Google Meet. Just be ready with your gadget or laptop then make sure your internet connection is reliable. Once it’s all set you’ll be ready for a video conference with your teacher & friends. Sekolah Victory Plus has also been using platforms like Seesaw & Managebac to give and submit assignments for teachers and students. 

In order to run a successful Distance Learning Program, infrastructure and planning play a very crucial role; the preparation of the subjects, teaching tools and the readiness of the teachers and students to implement the programme needs to also be planned carefully.

The Outcome

The interactive learning that has taken place for 3 days provides a new teaching and learning experience for both the teachers and the students as well as a new insight into the teaching and learning process for parents. Parents really appreciate the school’s commitment and teachers’ dedication to providing a quality education for their children in this time of crisis.

Responding to all the uncertainties during the Covid-19 outbreak, it is very important for all institutions to have a contingency plan as part of a comprehensive crisis planning.  Yustina Ries Sunarti, the Chairperson of the Foundation at Sekolah Victory Plus Bekasi, expressed her concern for the safety of the Indonesian people in general and for educational institutions in particular. She also hoped that this pandemic would soon subside. “Sekolah Victory Plus Bekasi has been preparing plans to ensure the students’ learning process will still be running amid the crisis and uncertainties,” she added.

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