For anyone staying in the city, enjoy the most peaceful and traffic-free Jakarta all year round, a rarity that only those ‘staying behind’ can enjoy. But what to do during this almost 2 weeks long holiday break? Here are some ideas!

1. Picnic in the park

Living in Indonesia, sometimes we forget the fact that we are blessed with (nearly) year-round sunshine. On a clear day, pack a little basket and discover the few green areas or parks in the city to unroll your picnic mat, and enjoy some light bites you bring in your picnic basket.  Just dare to explore and you WILL find the perfect spot.

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2. Enjoy the empty roads

This is the chance to go to areas or places you don’t normally go on a normal day; lunch on the other side of the city? Why not! South Jakarta to Kelapa Gading could be done in 20 minutes. Riding a bike around the city would also be fun! The only caveat is, to not do this ON lebaran days when most Jakarta moslems travel around to visit their relatives.

3. Mall hopping

Although it’s always packed and a long queue can be seen at every restaurant in the mall, visiting the malls in Jakarta is always the best option to spend the day during Eid holiday. Whether you look for good food, do a shopping spree, or just window shopping, Jakarta has many big malls scattered everywhere.

4. Enjoy a relaxing day at the spa

Spa or massage retreat is one of Jakartan’s favorite destinations because it provides instant therapy for tired body and mind after a long day. Check out our list of must-try spas in the city or the best traditional spas, for a more Indonesian approach to getting pampered enjoy a whole afternoon, or even a whole day at the spa.

5. Hit the rink for some ice-skating

Yes, it is possible. Check out some of these ice rinks in the city that you can try:

BX Rink, Bintaro 
Bintaro Xchange Mall Lt.UG/3A, CBD Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Sektor VII, Banten 15227

Sky Rink Jakarta 
Mal Taman Anggrek, Lt. 3, Jl. Letjend. S. Parman Kav. 21, West Jakarta

6. Get yourself a good game of skateboarding

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With an increased interest in skateboarding, this sport has become more and more popular in Indonesia. Therefore, some skatepark or skateboard tracks are also popping up. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, it’s time to hone your skill.

7 Best Skateparks for Roller Troops

7. Kids’ activities

Photo by PlayTopia

With the limited availability of public parks in Jakarta, finding a place for your kids to play in a safe and fun environment can be a task for parents. You want to let them jump, climb, explore, and learn but at the same time, you want to be able to sit back, relax and not have to worry about them roaming far unattended. Now, it’s time to take your kids to for them to have the grandest time!

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8. Going up to the north

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The most northern part of Jakarta has much to offer. You can take a short getaway getting there by basking in the sun and feeling the sandy beach between your toes. Ancol and Pantai Indah Kapuk could be the best options. While Ancol has a lot of attractions like Dufan, Atlantis, Sea World, and others, Pantai Indah Kapuk also has a white sandy beach and of course, its culinary attractions are surely coveted by many.

9. Trampoline Parks

In this park, kids will literally bounce off the wall with excitement! Let them do all sorts of jumping, running up a wall, bouncing for fun, slam-dunking or maneuvering all day long. Other than the trampolines, and the foam pits, Bounce also has the Aero Ball, a combination of volleyball and basketball where two players stand in separate cages and shoot the ball at the other one’s goal.

There’s also the fun Spider Tower a spherical maze where kids can climb and slide down into the foam pit below. The Gladiator War Zone enables you to battle an opponent standing on a narrow beam and try to knock them off.

Bounce Street Asia Trampoline Park
Jalan Sentra Bisnis Artha Gading Blok D Kav. 8. North Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29745790 / 91

FUN & FIT Trampoline Park
Mall Indonesia and Ciputra Mall

10. Fun staycations in Jakarta’s best hotels

Leave the cleaning and tidying up at home and spend a worry-free staycation in one (or more!) of Jakarta’s best hotels with the whole family. Check out our list on the link below.

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11. Explore Jakarta’s abundant dining options

From street food to fine dining restaurants; not even a year will be enough to try all the different places. Explore Jakarta’s trendy areas like Senopati, Gunawarman, Kelapa Gading, and Pantai Indah Kapuk. The choice is yours.

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12. Take Instagrammable pictures

Underrated and undiscovered, there is tremendous hidden beauty behind the concrete jungle of Jakarta just waiting to be captured – you just need to know where to look. From urban skylines to lushes nature and classy joints, we have highlighted 7 diverse and picture-worthy spots in the metropolitan that is guaranteed to offer undeniable scenic shots.

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13. Enjoy Jakarta’s mesmerizing sunset

Jakarta might be dull during the day, but the city offers such a healing moment during the golden time. When the sky is in its best form, you may witness a picturesque view of the sunset in this bustling city. There are several places in Jakarta where you can witness such beauty, be it at rooftop bars to even in a harbor.

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14. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is an Indonesian cultural-themed tourist park in East Jakarta. This park is a summary of the culture of the Indonesian nation, which includes various aspects of the daily life of the people of the Indonesian provinces which are displayed in traditional architectural pavilions, as well as displaying a variety of clothing, dances, and regional traditions. Learning Indonesian culture is fun right?

15. Ragunan Zoo

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Ragunan Zoo is no stranger when the holiday season arrives. Many visitors are usually family members who come in droves, especially during the Eid holiday. Visiting Ragunan Zoo means entering a 147-hectare mini tropical forest which holds biodiversity that has high conservation value and holds hope for the future.