Because for us Asians, dessert doesn’t always need to be tooth-achingly sweet and rich. It just needs to be cool enough to beat our sometimes crippling heat and humidity. If you want to experience the coolness of Asian iced dessert in Jakarta, here are our recommendations!

Indonesian Es Teler & Es Campur

It’s actually one of the signature shaved-ice desserts from Indonesia. Served in a bowl with coconut meat, avocado, jack fruit, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, pandan syrup or leaf, sugar, and a little bit of salt. It taste sweet with a really rich local flavor. Es teler is also known as the specialty dessert of Garut, West Java and became local’s favorite, thanks to Haji Ucu, owner of the most popular es teler stall, Sinar Garut.

To taste the original flavor of es teler, you can visit Sinar Garut Insan Putra Pak H. Ucu or Es Teler 77. And if you want a little bit of modern twist, go to Remboelan Restaurant and order its signature es teler.

Sinar Garut Insan Putra Pak H. Ucu
Loksem Pecenongan, Jl. Pecenongan Raya, Pecenongan, Jakarta

Es Teler 77 Restaurant
Jl. Adityawarman No. 61, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160


Taiwanese ‘Baobing’

Fight the Jakarta’s heat with this Chinese shaved-ice dessert. Baobing is commonly found in China, Taiwan and Malaysia, but then became a really popular dessert across Asia, including Indonesia. It’s basically a shaved-ice bowl served with several different topping. Usually the toppings include fresh fruit like strawberry or mango, taro, azuki beans, mung beans, sweet potato chunks, peanuts, almond junket, grass jelly, pudding, and flavored ice cream which you can choose based on your desire.

With baobing is already famous in Jakarta, there are so many cafes or restaurants that served this dessert. We recommend you to go to Hong Tang or Black Ball with its big variety of baobing.

Hong Tang

Blackball Dessert House

Japanese Kakigori

This is another option of iced dessert which is a Japanese classic shaved-ice. Kakigori is a simple shaved-ice dessert served with flavored syrup and sweetened condensed milk. You can find an authentic taste of kakigori here in Jakarta at Fukuro Dining and Sake Bar. The restaurant serves many flavors of kakigori. Or, try Sumoboo for the modern touch with cute visual of its kakigori menu.

There is also a popular type of kakigori in Indonesia called shirokuma. It’s similar with baobing, but with different choice of topping. Shirokuma usual toppings include raisin, mochi, and tropical fruits like pineapple or mandarin orange. You can find this dessert at Sumoboo or Shirokuma Japanese Dessert Cafe.



Shirokuma Japanese Dessert Cafe

Korean Patbingsoo

Have this Korean traditional iced dessert to cool yourself in the middle of Jakarta’s heat. Patbingsoo is a traditional shaved-ice dessert of Korea which is originally served with red bean paste, chunky rice cake known as tteok, and ground nut powder. But following the modern era, patbingsoo has been fused into several modern forms, usually shown on its topping varieties. Fruit cocktails, fresh fruit, nuts, cereal, whipped cream, cake, and biscuits are few topping found in modern patbingsoo.

Caffe Bene and The Cup could be the best place to taste variety of modern patbingsoo. And if you want the authentic taste of patbingsoo, find it at Bing Go Authentic Korean Dessert Cafe.

Caffe Bene Lotte Shopping Avenue
Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No. 06-07, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan 12940

Bing Go

The Cup Rice & Noodle