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For decades Kemang has been the epicentre for expats living in Jakarta. Its vibrant bars and restaurants with a relaxed Asian feel, make it the perfect place for hanging out and socializing. Additionally, over the years, Kemang has evolved into a place that satisfies all expatriates needs; international schools, international supermarkets, and leisure activities encapsulate the place, securing its position as the place to live when moving to Jakarta.

However, times have changed and the housing market has evolved. The booming housing market has stalled and alternative housing arrangements have thrived. Freestanding houses are losing out and apartments such as Kemang Village are becoming more and more popular.

The once lively streets of Kemang we all knew and loved have diminished somewhat and the neighbouring streets are unrecognisable from 5 years ago.

Kemang is no longer the epicentre it used to be, even though the backbone of the place has continued and it is still a popular place to live. The most popular bars and restaurants from the glory years still remain lively and there is a strong millennial feel to the place bursting with entrepreneurship and intrigue.

In this article we look at 8 reasons why Kemang Village has completely redefined the area and how did Kemang Village become the King of Kemang.

1. Unclear house prices and uncertainty over the property market led people to ditch houses for apartments

In the past, there was no fair pricing system for a house and it came down to what the owner wanted, how much a neighbour rented theirs for or how much agents and relocation agencies decided to charge – rather than using accurate market information.

There was a steady influx of big-budget expatriates moving in which kept the market running; however, around 2014 that began to change. With the oil and gas market on its knees, lots of the big spenders left, leaving thousands of homes empty and the owners misguided to how much their homes were really worth.

With the lack of reliable property search portholes & varying levels of property quality, it is difficult to find good housing options at a fair reflection of the market price.

On the other hand, prices within apartment complexes are and always will be similar; therefore prices are generally more competitive and reflective of the market than independent houses.

2. All about the timing!

During the large exodus of high spending expatriates, Kemang Village was born and snapped up large quantities of the housing market. With competitive pricing, multiple apartment options and great value for money – Kemang Village became an overnight success.

3. Location & Amenities

Location, location, location – Kemang Village is relatively new and is attached to the Lippo Mall, which is a vast mall filled with restaurants, bars, and leisure facilities. The convenience this mall provides is exceptional and on top of that, some of Kemang’s most popular nighttime spots are literally a short walk away. That being said, its prime location and amenities give it the edge over traditional housing.

With Lippo Mall possessing a plethora of shops, restaurants, and bars coupled with convenient parking and ease of movement, this did have a negative effect on the surrounding bars, restaurants, and shops. Many simply couldn’t compete with the malls’ magnitude and have since closed down – another reason why living in Kemang Village is more convenient than living in traditional housing.

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4. Traffic

It’s no secret that the traffic in Kemang is horrific, particularly around peak work times. People don’t want to spend their free time commuting. With Kemang Village, you can literally walk downstairs to take care of all your living needs.

5. Rental Costs

Rental costs for houses can vary dramatically; but tend to be $2500 – £6000 USD. Studio apartments at Kemang Village start from $900, whilst the spacious 3-bedroom apartments start around $2500. Add on top of that pest control, security, pool and landscaping maintenance – it doesn’t take long for additional costs to rack up.

With so many more options available to people nowadays, people are more wary about getting value for money and would prefer to keep their hard earned money in their pockets, than spend it on pool maintenance.

6. The rise of the mobile transport apps and changes of habit

The way we live has changed – Mobile transportation apps such as Go-Jek have relieved us of the need to require personal drivers and the way we shop is becoming more and more online. If you use mobile apps, then obtaining drivers to find a house in a narrow back road can be challenging; particularly if you are new to the country or your Indonesian is still elementary.

That being said, directing drivers and couriers to an apartment lobby is significantly easier, alleviating stress & hassle and maximising convenience.

7. Apartment competition in the surrounding area

Although there are a few apartment options in Kemang, none are really comparable in terms of the convenience and grandeur Kemang Village provides.

8. Furry friends

Kemang Village was smart and made one tower pet-friendly when they opened. They recognised that many renters in the area lived in houses specifically because they wanted or owned pets. By allowing owners to bring their furry friends, they capitalised on this market too.

So, there you have it; 8 reasons why Kemang Village has become the King of Kemang.

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