Celebrating 60 years of Hotel Indonesia, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta presents Indonesian heritage through a series of events, food and art entitled “Wondrous 60 years” starting August 5 to 31, 2022.

During the month of August, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta is collaborating with ISA Art Gallery, where guests will be able to see an exclusive pop-up art exhibition with the theme “Origins” which highlights the evolution of Indonesian art. In addition, as part of the anniversary celebration guests can explore various culinary specialties of the archipelago, enjoy special stay offers, photo contests on social media, the Soundrise at Paulaner Brauhaus with singer Judika and end the celebratory month with a concert “A Night to Remember” by some of the best Indonesian musicians from Gus Tedja from Bali, Paksi Band from Jogja, wayang performances by Gibran Papadimitriou to modern Sinden by the famous Gisella Anastasia.

Art Exhibition with ISA ART Gallery

The pop-up art exhibition with the theme “Origins” in collaboration with Isa Art Gallery showcases the work of 20 Indonesian artists and 3 foreign artists. Each artist embodies a diverse background in their cultural and artistic identity which are interpreted through their individual artworks as a part of the celebration of the theme of “Indonesia”. Each curated artwork explores a different cultural context through different mediums of art, from painting, sculptures, sound-kinetic sculpture, photography, mixed media painting, weavings and embroidery. The artists participating in this exhibition include Adam de Boer, A.D Pirous, Agus Suwage, Chaerul Umam, Eddy Susanto, Eko Nugroho and many more. One of the notable installation works is of Aaron Taylor Kuffner with his “Gamelatron” piece which plays gamelan music automatically and can be found in the main Lobby. The artworks are spread across the main Lobby and Nirwana lounge of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta from 5 to 20 August.

“We welcome the partnership with Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta as we are proud to be a part of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the first 5-star hotel in Indonesia. This can also act as an educational platform to introduce art to the public” as explained by Mrs. Deborah, Owner of ISA Art Gallery.

Paulaner Rijstaffle

When talking about Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, you can’t miss the culinary experience of the archipelago. During the month of August, Signatures Restaurant will present food from various provinces in Indonesia, including Se’i beef from NTT, Chicken pa’piong from Toraja to Nasi Gandul typical Pati food ready to pamper your taste buds. Moreover, indulge in other unique culinary delights from Paulaner Brauhaus, featuring Paulaner Rijsttafel where guests can enjoy unique German and Indonesian platter consisting of pork knuckle betutu, deep fried duck, rendang sausage, served with vegetable ebatan, white brown rice, sambal matah and sambal eggplant. In addition to food, we serve a special beer pletok which can be enjoyed at all our F&B outlets. “Since the beginning, Hotel Indonesia has always presented Nusantara culinary experiences that have become a favourite of various groups and has became our icon, in this 60th anniversary celebration we want to present a special Indonesian dining experience that can’t be miss,” said Mauro Bellodi, Executive Assistant Manager of F&B Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta.

Various interesting events are also ready to enliven the 60th anniversary of Hotel Indonesia, including Soundrise at Paulaner featuring singer Judika on 16 August. Complementing the 60th anniversary celebrations, various attractive offers are available during the month of August, such as stay packages with prices starting from IDR 3,183,000 inclusive of F&B vouchers worth IDR 600,000 as well as special souvenirs. “Guests who want to take part in the celebration of Hotel Indonesia’s 60th anniversary can join our weekly photo contest on our social media where there will be irresistible prizes for the winners,” said Aulianty Fellina, Director of Marketing Communications and PR at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski.

Signatures Taste of Nusantara

Jakarta. “Every Friday at 2 – 3 pm we will also have an Instagram live cooking where people can learn to cook various menus with Chefs from Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta,” she added.

To conclude the “Wondrous 60 years” event,  “A Night to Remember” concert on August 31 will be held as the highlight of the event. This event will feature various artists from the archipelago including Gus Tedja, a musician from Bali, the Kerongcong Paksi Band from Jogja, a Wayang Performance by Gibran to the sinden song by singer Gisella Anastasia who will perform in the legendary Bali room at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. “Since the opening, Hotel Indonesia has been a reflection of the abundance of Indonesian culture, and this concert themed A Night to Remember is an appreciation for the richness of Indonesian art and music. And as a hotel that is a cultural heritage, we are very proud to hold a Nusantara-themed event where we can become a way for people to get to know more about Indonesia’s cultural richness and stay in touch with the country’s history,” said Sjefke Jansen, General Manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta.

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