Swedish-born world citizen Charlotta Gandolfo is the founder and creative director of an eponymous line of the resort- and social wear. Since its launch two years ago, the label has created quite a stir in Scandinavia, the US, China and beyond, even getting hailed by AMEX Centurion Black Book as the hottest lifestyle brand happening right now, highlighted in LUXE Guides and supported by substantial coverage in Vogue, Tatler, Bazaar and more. 

While not yet officially launched in Indonesia, the brand has already been picked up overseas and worn by a few stylish, international Jakarta fashionistas, including Farah Quinn. 

As Charlotta Gandolfo is planning to wow style-savvy Jakarta ladies this summer and fall, What’s New Indonesia took the opportunity to ask her a few questions. 

Tell us about your brand and your style

My style is not for everybody: I design for a very specific type of woman. My customers are internationally-minded and social women who travel. When they socialize, they want to be relaxed and comfortable, but still elegant and with an international appeal. It’s the point between being dressed up, but not being formal or trying too hard. I’m from the Nordics, and I wanted to bring the ‘chic-ness’ of Scandinavia to a style category for warmer climates. 

All of my items are equally suitable for urban environments as well as sea- or poolside. My customers are modern women. They want to buy versatile things that can be used in many contexts. 

What’s the history of your brand? 

I launched the brand 2,5 years ago in Shanghai, and I was very lucky: it was quickly picked up by the editors of the fashion magazines, as well as the up-and-coming actresses, it-girls and fashion icons. It was really the only word of mouth: ladies bought it, wore it, got compliments and people asking where to get it – and so forth. The brand quickly got very big and expanded overseas – again because my customers were traveling, wearing it, seeing friends around the world, and getting questions on how to get beautiful clothes. Today we are present in quite a few countries around Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and the next stop is Indonesia! 

Do you think the Jakarta ladies will like your brand? 

They are already liking it! It-girls have overseas friends who introduced the brand to them a while back. It’s not a mass brand and is not for everybody, but I am sure that the socially connected world travelers will buy it, wear it, and love it. 

What are your plans for Jakarta and wider Indonesia? 

It’s a special time right now, and we need to be mindful. But as Jakarta is opening up and people are starting to see friends again, we are there with them, supporting them and giving them beautiful things to wear: glamorous, yet casual. Comfortable, yet elegant. We will start to test through selling to our wider group of friends and their friends (connect with Deisy  Wong to be one of the first ladies in Indonesia wearing the brand) as we know that they are our target group and already like the brand. Once the world is back to normal again, we can expand more aggressively. 

Preview now at www.CharlottaGandolfo.com and contact Deisy at WA +6281288121281 for a special price.