The Helping Hands Foundation (Yayasan Helping Hands) held an 8-day Bhinneka For The Nation Expedition (Ekspedisi Bhinneka Bagi Bangsa) program that brought together youths from all over Indonesia. They are coming from various ethnic groups to young people with disabilities to get together, shoulder to shoulder, explore the wild, camp, climb mountains, and cross lakes with canoes to build a raft together. As well as attend various workshops on various relevant issues. The goal is to understand that all people can live together, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or physical condition.

At the press conference held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Friday 1 November 2019, the Executive Director of the Helping Hands Foundation, Wendy Kusumowidagdo as the organizer of the event explained, “Bhinneka For The Nation Expedition is a program that implements full inclusiveness without limits. So, the successors of this nation’s struggle will gain experience and shared learning through the challenges of the natural expedition to develop self-character, cooperation, and tolerance in the midst of challenges, differences, and diversity.” At the press conference, other speakers were also present, namely Ananda Sukarlan (composer, international pianist), and Angkie Yudistia (founder and CEO of ThisAble).

In total there are 29 students from Sumatra, Banten, DKI Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Kalimantan, Maluku, Sulawesi, NTT, and Papua participating in this activity. “Scholarship recipients are selected through a Selection Committee formed by the Helping Hands Foundation. The selection includes collecting licensing letters from parents and school principals, a statement of commitment to the program and its impact, a CV that shows student achievement, a video blog (vlog) created by students. And there is also an interview process with the principal and students,” said Wendy.