Heidy’s Art Painting Course showcased a charity painting exhibition displaying an impressive variety of artistic creations exclusively hand-painted by children on November 10th & 11th 2018. The founder – Lanny Kusumo’s love for art and children led to her vision and mission to educate children to develop the art of drawing and painting with oil paints. Lanny has been teaching oil painting since the past 20 years in Jakarta. Her student’s painting exhibition comprised of 120 paintings, and the proceeds were donated to support Palu disaster victims through medical treatment in collaboration with doctorSHARE. A total of Rp. 66,150,000 was raised with the generous support of the artists and donors.

Painting Mia Gabrielle Tjandra

The artistically talented Lanny’s love for painting originated from an early age (when she was 7 years old by learning from many artists – famous senior painters), her passion was developed as a hobby in free time and it passed down to her children. Heidy’s Art Painting Course grew from 4-5 students and over the years Ibu Lanny has taught more than 500 students. The youngest student is Mia Gabrielle Tjandra who is 3 years old. Heidy’s Art Painting Course not only qualifies her unique art education in oil painting for children, but also for adults who are highly motivated to learn.

Achievement, great progress, and success of the students have allowed Lanny to hold several exhibitions throughout Jakarta. Many students from Heidy’s Art Painting Course have continued further studies in higher education focusing on art, some of whom received scholarships from overseas universities, awards in school, and jobs in creative companies.

To appreciate the work and achievements of the students of Heidy’s Art Painting Course, and with the vision to help people in need especially in education and health, Lanny Kusumo supports various charity projects through painting exhibitions. These exhibitions appreciate each children’s artwork, at the same time supports a noble cause. For more information and to enroll in her classes, please contact Ibu Lanny at Lanny mobile no +62 816 954660.