Let’s face it, Jakartans are often driven to compromise on their food choices in the name of keeping up with the city’s fast-paced and on-the-go lifestyle. How do you ask? By choosing meals that are quick and easy on the pocket without considering the impact it has on their health. On top of that, constantly trying to personally create yummy, healthy dishes can be time-consuming, and as a result, many don’t make the effort. While sustaining a healthy eating habit and maintaining a well-balanced diet can be quite challenging, there’s a simpler solution: healthy catering services.

We have chosen a few catering services where you get to customize daily, weekly, or monthly diet plans comprising an array of clean, delectable and wholesome meals based on your dietary needs and desires (from low carb to no salt diet and even a diet plan for new moms). And the best part, the meals can be delivered right to your doorstep – whether you’re at home or at the office.

1. MyMeal Catering

You can trust MyMeal Catering as a healthy food catering provider for you every day. MyMeal Catering also provides catering for weight loss and medical condition needs (uric acid, cancer, cholesterol, kidney disease, quarantine, etc). What makes MyMeal Catering special is that food will be delivered 3 times a day to keep the quality of the food fresh, besides that you can request the menu according to your favorite food, such as choosing carbohydrates, preferred meat portions, juices, and also vegetarian menus. MyMeal Catering is now available in 4 big cities; Tangerang, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and can reach the surrounding area. If you subscribe, you will get a free medical check-up for certain packages, as well as consultation with their nutritionist via Zoom.

Phone: +628119055600
Instagram: @mymealcatering

2. Gorry Gourmet

Gorry Gourmet catering service promises an extensive menu with exquisite taste, using only premium and fresh quality products. With the help of committed culinary experts and nutritionists, Gorry Gourmet has several packages focused on low-calorie diets or muscle building as well as customized personal dietary needs such as for expecting or breastfeeding mothers. Foodies can enjoy delicious healthy meals anywhere for about Rp. 40.000/meal, delivered throughout the city.

Jl. Palem Raya No. 440, Duri Kepa – Jakarta Barat
P: +6221 29501248 or Whatsapp: +62812 8513 0917

3. Leafwell Healthy

Leafwell strongly believes in the concept that healthy food can still be delicious. Using only premium and organic products, Leafwell offers a variety of dishes with ten unique menus to choose from every week, as well as a number of specialized packages to meet an individual’s body target, from weight loss to muscle build-up or simply to maintain weight, for about Rp.100,000/box, with a discounted rate for orders exceeding one week. Meals are prepared daily and served in a microwave-friendly box for easy heating.

P: +62 8778 1881 811
hello@leafwell.com www.leafwell.com

4. Health’s Kitchen

One of the most affordable healthy catering with many varieties of food and high flexibility. Starting from Rp. 39,000/meal.

P: 081255258899/082194014197
Email: healthskitchenid@gmail.com
Line: @healthskitchenid
Also available via Go Food

5. Burgreens

Burgreens is a plant-based eatery established by a young environmentally-concerned couple. Burgreens has quickly moved from being one of the town’s first healthy, vegetarian, fast-food joints to scoring the first place on TripAdvisor for Best Jakarta Restaurants with seven different outlets in JK-Town. Serving a variety of customers – from non-vegetarians, conscious and clean eaters, to creative foodies who simply enjoy clean yet delicious meals – this eatery also offers five to seven days catering services, with specified programs for weight loss, new moms as well as sports enthusiasts. Prices for their catering services may differ according to your order.

More info: https://burgreens.com/meal-plan
email: catering@burgreens.com
IG: @burgreens