HARRIS Vertu & YELLO Hotels Harmoni are continuing their steady drive to make their properties more SMART and technology focussed. The Properties management team spearheaded a novel strategy earlier this year and despite of the lockdown and covid struggle made continuous progress in adding SMART innovative technologies. This time the 2 hotels are joining an Auckland based startup company which offers a completely new take on guest centric booking platform. The entire team is excited to announce that it is partnering with blahotelsearch.com before the end of October.

Focusing solely on price, the hotel booking industry has failed to innovate and understand what’s important to their customers and to the hotels they represent. BLAH BOOKING is an online hotel booking platform that caters to the specific wants and needs of the users. Blahhotelserach.com has turned the conventional price centric online booking process upside down as they focus on what’s important to their customers and to the hotels they represent.

This New Zealand start-up believes in putting the power back into the hands of consumers, allowing them to find services that match their initial criteria and preferences. After the consumers go through a quick set of asked questions, they are then presented with a well curated list of hotels that go in line with their likings. This will direct them to the hotel’s landing page, where customers can discover the best rates and packages offered.