TAUZIA Hotels Management has just appointed Christoph Voegeli as the new General Manager of HARRIS Vertu and YELLO Hotel Harmoni,  a combo hotel – 2 hotels in one building area, located in Central Jakarta, owned by Agung Sedayu Group. Christoph Voegeli is an established Hotelier with more than 25 years of experience of working in recognized hotel chains in Europe and Asia. He is a result driven, self-motivated and resourceful Multi Unit Executive with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management team and experience in leading and growing all sectors of hotel to make it dynamic and progressive organization.

He left his native Germany after graduating with a BA in Hotel Management and took up his first challenge as a  Junior Assistant Purser on board the Island Princess (Princess Cruises). After his cruise experience, he returned to Europe to work for Intercontinental Hotels in Luxembourg and Zurich (Switzerland). Over the last (over) 20 years he held various management positions in Asia (Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia) working for respected hotel brands. In addition to that he managed to top his education with an MBA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).    

Prior to joining HARRIS Vertu and YELLO Harmoni (Tauzia Hotel Management part of The Ascott Limited – Singapore), Christoph was heading the West Regional General Manager of one of the biggest hotel chains in Indonesia. 

His progressive career saw him taking hotels (and talent) to its new heights. His leadership successes also found recognition through a number of awards he has received over the years.

He was finalist as one of the Best Hotel’s General Managers (HAPA Awards), Best Manager of the Year (CMO Global) and he inspired his team to achieve the Green Hotel Award in Melaka, World Travel Award in Dhaka and the prestigious World Luxury Restaurant Award.

Christoph is married and has 3 children. Besides his knack for effective and successful hotel operation he is also passionate about talent development, learning and Leadership.

Christoph Voegeli’s appointment is a key milestone to strengthen HARRIS Vertu and YELLO Hotel Harmoni performance. His leadership, experience and enthusiasm are great assets to bring the hotels facing the challenges and enhance quality service for the hotels’ guests while bringing the hotel business to greater heights. 

For more information about HARRIS Vertu and YELLO Harmoni please contact Vertu at 021-22036000 WA 08118683788 and Yello Harmoni at 021 2203500 WA 08111193556, or website www.harrisvertuhotels.com or www.yellohotels.com

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