Hello! Today What’s New Jakarta is going to take you around Gading Serpong to show you the best places to go when you are around the area. We are going to do some activities, trying delicious menu and fun dessert, and pick places to spend the night!

Let’s go! Scientia Square Park is a huge outdoor and indoor space where you can just hang around or do some activities. They have futsal field, children playground, skate park, Amphitheatre, and many more.

This place is great for spending time with families on the weekends Kokolait specialties is chocolate drinks and dessert. If you are a sweet tooth, you are going to love this place! Now if you fall in love with Gading Serpong and want to stay longer, ATRIA Residences and ATRIA Hotel hotel offers you a long stay offer at their facilities. One day is not enough, check out more on our next video!

Guide to Gading Serpong Day 2!