AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA presents the newest menu and Gueridon style culinary presentation. Gueridon is a term commonly used in the restaurant world as a service for guests by using a stroller or trolley. Our food is prepared, cooked, and served on a stroller near the table of each guest.

Gueridon is one of the services provided by AYANA as a point of attraction for our guests, where they want to see firsthand the various processes of preparing our food until it is ready to be enjoyed with the highest level of hygiene.

The various advantages of Gueridon-style cooking aside from the entertainment factor was to draw guests’ attention to the cooking process, maturity preferences, as well as the elegant visuals where the elements of food and fire combine spectacularly. At AYANA, Gueridon style is presented in five menus, namely; The Classic AUS Black Angus Ribeye Flambeed with Cognac, The Classic Lobster Thermidor Flambeed with Cognac, Salt Crust Whole “Line Caught Catch of the Day” Flambeed with Ricard, Ayam Kodok (Indonesian Stuffed Roasted Chicken with Egg) by Piece, and Lobster & Seafood Platter.

Guests can also enjoy other new menus, from appetizers to desserts created by AYANA’s culinary team, led by Chef Olivier Piganiol, as Director of Culinary & Beverage Services. The new menu includes; Pan-Fried Foie Gras, Tuna Maguro Steak, Pan-Fried “Line Caught Catch of The Day”, Aromatic Indonesian Braised US Short Ribs “Asam Iga Bakar”, AUS Black Angus Ribeye Steak Frites, Jimbaran Cendol, Nutella Affogato, Fritters Fun, Cotton Candy, LOL Froyo, and many more.

“During the pandemic, these new menus can be enjoyed simultaneously at Jimbaran Lounge and Blue Terrace Cafe. For guests who like a chic floral cafe nuance, Blue Terrace is the right choice. For guests who prefer a classic feel with a choice of outdoor gardens to breathe fresh air, Jimbaran Lounge is the answer. Both also have interior designs that are very ‘instagrammable’ and are never missed by guests to capture the moment.” said Ferdy Thaeras, Director of Public Relations of AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA.

The complete menu can be accessed from the following link (menu link) and for reservations and further information, please contact 021-251-0888.

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