Exquise Patisserie, a Beautiful Cake Shop with Global Quality is Now Available in Kelapa Gading. Established since 2014, Exquise Patisserie has the determination to grow and be able to excellently serve all customers throughout Indonesia. One of the steps to fulfill this commitment is the opening of a third branch in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. With this new branch, Exquise Patisserie can greatly improve the service quality in terms of location convenience and speed for the customers.

“In the midst of a pandemic which is a test for all business people, thank God we are still given good conditions. We would like to thank all stakeholders involved, be it customers, online application drivers, partners and the team from Exquise Patisserie. All stakeholders play an important role so that on August 16, we are able to open our third branch in Kelapa Gading after our first store in Menteng and Senopati in 2020,” said Andrye Setiawan as the owner and CEO of Exquise Group.

As a form of gratitude for the inauguration of the newest branch, Exquise Patisserie commemorate it by sharing 100 croissant packages to online application drivers every day until the end of the month, 31 August. Previously, Exquise Patisserie also made a donation for the construction of a learning house in Sumba, NTT in early 2021. Not only that, Exquise Patisserie also presents the latest products by their Executive Chef Pastry, Chef Devi Octavia to celebrate the opening of the Kelapa Gading branch. The new products are in the form of favorite French desserts, namely Eclairs, Flower Tarts, and St. Honor which is packaged under the name Summer Series. Regarding Chef Devi Octavia, she has more than 10 years of experience in international five-star hotels in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Exquise Patisserie itself is a local business that was built independently by Andrye Setiawan. Prior to focusing on the cake industry, Andrye honed his management skills at a well-known bank with his last position as VP. He enjoys his daily life leading the business of his dream and does not rule out the possibility on receiving investors to push Exquise Patisserie to the Asian market.

Since its presence, Exquise Patisserie has positioned itself as a global quality brand that is committed to always producing flagship products with premium raw materials. Exquise Patisserie also provides a different experience compared to other cake outlets in Jakarta. Carrying a French theme with floral nuances, the luxurious and beautiful floral decoration is perfectly designed to be enjoyed with friends or family.

Andrye added that he had prepared a solid blueprint to expand the business scope by adding new branches that will be spread across Jakarta and its surrounding areas within the next two years. In addition, Exquise Group will also launch a cake brand with a different target market this year.

“With the growth and development of Exquise Group Indonesia, we hope that Exquise Patisserie will always be the first choice for premium and innovative cakes,” concluded Andrye Setiawan.

Jl. Boulevard Raya WB2 No.24
Kelapa Gading Permai, Jakarta,