Drinking with sunset views is certainly a favorite of many people. No need to go far to the beach, you can get this experience in the middle of Jakarta. As we felt when we visited Glass House, a private lounge up on the rooftop of @easternopulence to escape mediocrity.

Glass House, located on the 3rd floor of Eastern Opulence restaurant in the South Jakarta area. We have to pass the hidden staircase on the 2nd floor or via the restaurant elevator. As the name implies, this bar resembles a greenhouse, where a bar table in the corner near the elevator and brown wood-furniture dominates the lounge.

Cozy sofas are guaranteed to make you relax while enjoying the appearance of live music on a small stage. One of the most memorable things when we visited the outdoor area. As soon as we opened the door, we were greeted with a white bench surrounded by vines around it and a triangular glass roof. Like a beautiful rooftop garden and hidden behind a grove of greenery. This is the best spot to enjoy the sunset in Jakarta.

Like any other bars, Glass House serves a variety of cocktails made from a mixture of light rum, gin, vodka, and Whiskey. First, we are sipping a signature cocktail, Miss Gyl, which is made from a mixture of syrup telang flower, gin, Campari, and coconut. Its beautiful appearance offers sweetness. Then there’s Strawberry Baby Pirates made from a mixture of rum, soda, lime juice, lychee liquor, simple syrup, and fresh strawberry. A refreshing blend of acid and sweetness. The third drink that is often ordered by visitors is Tipsy Cream made from a mixture of Kahlua liquor, whiskey, Baileys, vanilla ice cream, and cherry fruit. Quite bold, it feels a mixture of coffee and alcohol as well as creamy from ice cream.

Adding snacks to get the best experience at Glass House. We ordered three of their signatures finger foods, Mayo Crispy Spicy Chicken Skin, which was tasty and light in the mouth. The next is Korean Spicy Chicken Wings that offers savory, spicy, sweet and of course delicious taste. Third is Aburi Garlic Butter Gyu Tongue that resembles satay, tender tongue meat, spicy sauce, and filling.

Not only cocktails, but Glass House also has a collection of wine and beer for beverage choices. For various drinks, Glass House has a different promo for you to enjoy. For example, Monday Cheap AF 50% discount for all food and 2 beers only costs Rp 50.000 thousand, and Make It Double on Tuesday.

Relaxing in the Glass House will never be boring because they have different themes every day. For Monday, there is the theme Flicky Monday (Drink + Popcorn + 1-month free iFlix subscription) starting at 8 PM. Then Tuesday there is Kara Okeh Night and Wednesday there is a MidSummer DJ appearance.


Glass House Jakarta
Jl Cipaku I No 85
South Jakarta
Hours: 7 pm – 3 am
IG: @glasshousejkt