From Peru with Love Enjoy World Class Peruvian Cuisine, Handcrafted by Chef Jaime Arbulu At Duta Café & Restaurant – Holiday Inn & Suites Jakarta Gajah Mada

As recent food trends go; few are hotter or bubbling with more creativity right now than the myriad delights of Peruvian cuisine. Peru, which sits on the Pacific coast of South America, is home to one of the most trending cuisines in the world. In fact, Peru is so biodiverse that the country yields more than 2000 varieties of potato and more than 50 kinds of chili. The country also has different terrains, the ocean, the Andes, and the Amazon. This geographical plays a big part in the diversity of food. Peru has been exporting its culinary muscle for quite some time and there will come tasty outpost nearby, at Duta Café & Restaurant, Holiday Inn & Suites Jakarta Gajah Mada.

Featuring with Peru Embassy in Indonesia team, Holiday Inn & Suites Jakarta Gajah Mada invites Professional Peruvian Chef, Jaime Arbulu. He will bring the most authentic Peruvian dishes along with its ingredients and diners will dive into the world class cuisines handcrafted by the master himself from August 20 until September 1, 2019. Chef Jaime will take the diners on an indulgence culinary journey,

ranging from dinner set menu at Duta Café & Restaurant, cocktail making appearance at Duta Lounge as well as a specially curated Peruvian buffet station at Duta Café & Restaurant.

Peruvian cuisine is far from monolithic but, rather, a delirious mash-up of techniques and pairings reflecting its diverse geography, agriculture, and a history that blends indigenous ingredients with diverse influences accompanying sustained waves of immigration from both Europe and Asia over the past five centuries. Diners can explore these inviting Peruvian dishes rarely found in Jakarta such as Aji De Gallina (Peruvian Spicy creamy chicken), Lomo Saltado (Srit fried Thinly sliceed beef with onions, tomatoes and French fries), Sudado de Pascado (Classic Peruvian Steam Fish), ArrozCon Pato (Flavoured of green rice with duck), and many more. For only IDR 298.000,++ per person, buffet Lunch at Duta Café & Restaurant will include culinary journey in one section of dishes. While dinner set menu includes you in full dining journey from appetizer, main course, to desserts will cost only IDR 688.000,++ per person.

Prior to his arrival to Indonesia, Chef Jaime was appointed as corporate chef and executive chef in companies, restaurants and hotels in South America. He was also crowned as the winner of Chile Chef Sur and Carozzi Cup Tournament of the Year 2018, where he included in 8 Best Chefs of the country amongst 2,500 chefs that participated. He has been travelled around the globe introducing Peruvian food and showing his expertise. With more than fifteen years of experience, his experience with different food ingredients and flavors allows him to merge different types of cuisines, turning them into the most unique dishes which are pure and divine.

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