Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI) exhibition will be held again on 26-29 July 2022  at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) after being held virtually (online) last year due to the global  COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s 16th edition of FHI aims to gather the national business players to  synergize globally through Indonesia internasional leading hospitality and food & beverages (F&B)  trade exhibition. 

FHI that has been regularly held bi-annually over the last 28 years by PT Pamerindo Indonesia, is  committed and proven to support the acceleration of a sustainable growth of Indonesia’s hospitality  and F&B industry. The international trade exhibition hasimproved the industries’ access to the global  market and enhanced the national economic recovery post-pandemic. The F&B industry itself has  been one of the few that still grew during the global pandemic. In 2021, Statistics Indonesia (BPS)  recorded that this industry’s gross domestic product (GDP) reached 2.54%, improving from the  previous year’s figure of 1.58%.1 

FHI 2022 will be held in conjunction with Hotelex Indonesia and Speciality Food Indonesia,  incorporating Retail Indonesia to become Indonesia’s biggest trade exhibition of supply products for  the hospitality and F&B industries. It provides global access to over 140 top manufacturers,  distributors, and retailers from 12 exhibiting countries. Therefore, FHI 2022 is a platform that allows  for more hospitality and F&B players to form sustainable business networks. 

To date, well-known suppliers and companies of F&B and hospitality products have registered as  exhibitors at FHI 2022. On the F&B front, there are Chefmate, Monin, Toffin, Dilmah, Bertolli, Anchor,  Lamb Weston, Nestle, Tokusen Wagyu Beef, Skippy, Bacardi, Kin, Diamond, Greenfield and many  more. For hospitality & equipment, there are King Koil, Spring Air, Lady Americana, GEA Getra, Nayati,  Sango Hospitality, Modena, Saint James, Vivere, Zen Porcelain, Moka POS, Riedel, Unilever, Maspion  and many more.  Juanita Soerakoesoemah, FHI Event Director stated that the number of various international  companies which joined FHI 2022 provides more opportunities for national F&B and hospitality  business players to accelerate and expand their business market globally. “FHI has become the  spearhead for companies that are looking to expand their market reach across worldwide borders by providing access to the networks of trusted producers, suppliers, and distributors in the hospitality  and F&B industries. This also gives international companies an undisputed entry point to the thriving  and lucrative market of Indonesia’s hospitality and F&B industries,” she said. 

Furthermore, Juanita elaborated that FHI still offers the Business Matching program to facilitate  customers initiate their business relationsthrough one on one meetings with participating companies.  It allows customers to build their business network while having a chance to learn from the best  players in the industry.  

This year’s FHI once again presents exciting featured events and activities, such as Culinary Talk  (Cooking Masterclass, Food Talks, and Food & Beyond) by the Association of Culinary Professionals  Indonesia (ACP); Indonesia Coffee Event by the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) which  will hold the Indonesia Barista and Brewing Cup Championship, of which the winner will represent  Indonesia and compete in the World Coffee Event; Wine Masterclass & Training by the Indonesia  Sommelier Association (ISA) Chapter Jakarta; Pastry and Baking Challenge by the Indonesia Pastry  Alliance (IPA) and Gelato Workshop & Class by Espresso Italia. 

Besides the various F&B classes and events, FHI 2022 also promotes local F&B products; one of which  is coffee. Through the Coffee Village area by the SCAI, visitors and the spectators of the coffee  competition will have the opportunity to taste the coffee brewed by the contestants. Daryanto  Witarsa, Chairman of SCAI 2022, said that FHI as the biggest trade exhibition for hospitality and F&B  products in Indonesia is the right place for presenting the Coffee Village. “There will be an all-star  experience bar at Coffee Village, where all the contestants must serve coffee to give visitors the  precious experience of tasting their freshly brewed coffee. The visitors can then purchase the served  coffee products at the product showcase area,” he commented. 

The FHI also aims to support the roadmap to Making Indonesia 4.0 by 2030 by developing the F&B  sector, which can contribute consistently and significantly to the national non-oil-&-gas GDP.  Furthermore, FHI 2022 presents the FHI Digital Showroom, which is a digital catalog of the F&B and  hospitality suppliers, supported by Saladplate. This online showcase facility in F&B and hospitality  offers various companies and business players opportunities to grow their market on a global scale.  In 2021, the FHI successfully managed to facilitate 160 business meetings and 1,725 relations  contacts by holding the online based event of FHI VirtualHub. 

As part of Informa Markets, PT Pamerindo Indonesia runs FHI 2022 as sustainable event which focus  on three areas such as inspiring sustainable development, running an environmentally responsible  event, and running a socially responsible event. Therefore, FHI will be held to support sustainability  by saving the energy through renewable electricity, reducing paper used, and using environmental friendly product materials.

To socially engage with more communities, FHI 2022 in cooperation with the ACP send out cooking  book manual to culinary schools and universities students and invite their teachers to join Culinary  Talks by ACP. Moreover, FHI also supports local artisans from the Darius Tobing Foundation (Paisley  Things Jakarta), who make new purposeful products recycled from waste materials. This act can help  reduce urban waste, create home based industry with sustainable income opportunities and produce  unique high quality handmade aesthetic pro.  

All hospitality and F&B business players, professionals, and enthusiasts are invited to attend and  interact directly with the hundreds of companies in the industry that have registered and will occupy  the JIEXPO during the FHI 2022 exhibition. Pre-registration is already open until 18 July 2022 for all  visitors who wish to get free entrance for 4 full days of exhibition. Pre-registration can be accessed through or visit and  @foodhotelindonesia_fhi on Instagram for further information.