Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019 returns for its 15th edition from 24-27 July 2019, at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta. Organized by Pamerindo Indonesia, it converges over 1,300 manufacturers and business owners with over 30,000 trade visitors from across 41 countries. Prominent brands to participate include Diamond, Twinings, Mulwarra Export, Amroon, Nuova Simonelli, illy Coffee, Supresso Coffee, Dilmah, Riedel, Hatten Wines, Bahana Genta Viktory, David Roy Indonesia, Lady Americana, Nestle Indonesia, King Koil, Cooking Systems, Restomart Cipta Usaha, Saint James, Indoguna.

“Leading the culinary and hospitality sector for over 28 years with over 50 product categories, we’re going beyond just selling products, but building a long-term partnership model through direct negotiation during the expo. We will continue to accelerate on sustainable business growth to help the sectors shine globally,” said Astied Julias, Event Director of Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019.

Throughout 2018, Indonesia’s food and beverage sector have grown by 7.91 percent, placing Indonesia among the largest market in the sector. Indonesia’s specialty coffee is recognized rising in prominence worldwide, notably, it is well-known as the world’s fourth-largest coffee producer after Brazil, Vietnam, and Columbia.

Chairman of Specialty Coffee Association Indonesia (SCAI), A. Syafrudin added that Arabica coffee has achieved the highest growth in Indonesia, with the full support of new technology. “We deliver a breakthrough in coffee machinery to optimize the standard of specialty coffee in Indonesia, including coffee roasting machine, espresso, and manual brewing equipment. As Indonesian consumers have high expectations on the specialty coffee, this will significantly increase export growth from Indonesia,” said A. Syafrudin. 

Indonesia is now recognized as the World’s Best Halal Tourism Destination 2019 by Global Muslim Travel Index, therefore the expo also aims to emphasize the high potential of halal processed food in Indonesia. “We ensure that all the food production processes are meeting the halal standardization. It needs solid cooperation between regulators, government and producers to build on the success in the sector. This expo provides a platform to continuously enrich upon knowledge, so we can achieve numerous breakthroughs in halal products with international standards,” said Supandi, Chairman of Masyarakat Standardisasi (MASTAN), one of the associations at the expo.

With the purpose of augmenting knowledge, Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019 will host a multitude of seminar sessions, inviting prominent institutions to speak such as Indonesian halal products towards global market trendsetters presented by Masyarakat Standardisasi (MASTAN) in collaboration with Badan Standardisasi Nasional (BSN) and Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan dan Minuman (GAPMMI), as well as Packaging and Branding in Facing Industry 4.0 presented by Indonesia Packaging Federation (IPF). Full line-up about the seminar sessions and event, visit:

To explore more on specific breakthroughs in bakery, food services equipment & supplies, hospitality interiors and technology, Pamerindo Indonesia will once again host the widely anticipated Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI) Hotel, Restaurant, and Café (Horeca), next July 2020.