Flash Coffee, Indonesia’s fast-growing tech-enabled coffee chain, launches a new #FlashCoffeexKallula Bottled Series coffee in collaboration with a singer & content creator Kallula to accompany everyone who are under work from home with 3 unique variants Aren Latte with Almond Milk, White Macadamia Latte, dan Mojito Black Coffee.

The collaboration was born out of the shared mission of providing premium coffees at an affordable price more accessible so that all the coffee lovers can keep productive and enjoy during work from home condition. In addition since the pandemic happened, a lot of people were unable to grab their favorite coffees as easily in a count of footsteps as they used to before. Through this product launch, Flash Coffee and Kallula hope to be able to provide a breakthrough for everyone to be able to enjoy their favorite coffees anytime and anywhere.

All unique variants of #FlashCoffeeXKallula BottledSeries describes Kallula’s character that is brave, hardworking, a total hustlers and most importantly lives a healthy lifestyle. The menu ranges from Aren Latte with Almond Milk which is the best-selling coffee variant Aren Latte combined with a healthier premium Almond Milk. Next is the White

Macadamia Latte, a unique blend of espresso with premium Macadamia nut originated from Australia and lastly menu Mojito Black Coffee coffee with refreshing mojito premium mint and tasty lemon squash. The menu offered in this collaboration are specially curated by Indonesian Latte Art Champion, Robby Firlian who also serves as the Head of Barista at Flash Coffee

“Coffee has become part of my daily’s life when I’m working, singing, chilling and any other moments. That’s why I’m super delighted that during my birthday I can present to all my fans and coffee lovers this special product, which I hope will be able to accompany them to stay productive.” said Kallula, who will celebrate her 31st birthday during the launch of #FlashCoffeexKallula Bottled Series.

These beverages are available in 500 ml size with an affordable price starting from Rp49,000. All the bottled coffee can be kept in the chiller for 5 days and able to serve 3-4 glasses with ice. Moreover, all of these 3 variants are also available for dine-in menu in cup sized starting from Rp 29,000 and customers can enjoy a Buy 1 Get 1 promotion for their first order via Flash Coffee application. This beverages will be available at all 16 Flash Coffee outlets in Jakarta such as Pacific Place, Kota Kasablanka, Plaza Blok M, Ambassador Mall, Teraskota, The East Kuningan, Menara kadin, Menara Taspen, Berita Satu Plaza, RDTX Tower, Mediterania Garden Residence, and Tempo Pavillion 2, Alamanda Tower, Sahid Foodstreat from 26 March – 26 June 2021.

Instagram: flashcoffee.id