Last September at Amuz Gourmet Restaurant an Exquisite Truffle Feast was held by Libra Foods to celebrate their launch of La Rustichella truffle products in Jakarta. La Rustichella is a well-known producer of Truffle Specialty Products in Italy. The event featured a variety of dishes, including pizza, pasta, and sliced beef, all with the unique addition of truffle ingredients.

Truffles are a unique delicacy that “enjoy an absolute privileged position among gourmet food,” according to Chef Simone Ricci, executive chef of Love Truffles restaurant in Italy, who was one of two chefs for Saturday’s feast. The rare mushroom has captivated people for over a thousand years with its strong, intoxicating aroma and unusual distinct flavor. It grows so deep underground in the roots of trees that traditionally it could only be obtained with the help of specially trained dogs or pigs.

Truffles are enjoying a recent resurgence as a trendy food, which in addition to their unique flavor, is due to the food’s health benefits. The mushroom is loaded with protein, to the point that it’s almost at the same level as meat. It’s good for the body, the skin, and is even an aphrodisiac.

La Rustichella’s truffles come from an area of Italy near Rome. The delicious, authentic taste of their products comes from the fact that they contain a much higher percentage of real truffle than their competitors. Truffle products are intensely aromatic and add a unique, unmatched aroma and flavor to a dish.

Libra Foods will begin by distributing this delicacy to premium hotels and restaurants in Jakarta and Bali to be used in their dishes. Expect to start seeing this unique and expensive ingredient appearing in dishes at your favorite high-end eateries. You can find their products yourself in all branches of Meat Me Steakhouse and Butchery.

Libra Food Service is located in Jalan Bandengan Utara no. 21, Tambora, Jakarta. For more information, please visit Libra Food Service’s official website or La Rustichella’s official website or call to (+62) 21 6919292

By: Kyle Dougherty

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