Dining at Michelin star rated restaurants is often a rare experience that only few people have had the opportunity to enjoy. All details have been taken care of, each and every single aspect has been addressed. When it comes to food, it all starts with the description by the waiter and the on plate presentation. By the time we are ready to eat, the scent and flavours have already interacted with our sense of smell and our brain just asks for more. When our taste buds get in touch with the food, it’s an explosion of numerous amazing flavours and a fabulous experience. Rarely does someone leave a top notch restaurant feeling disappointed with the meal. Master chefs invest their time on sourcing the best and freshest products they can find. They know that, without good ingredients and genuine food products, delighting the customer is almost impossible. There is no compromise on quality, and it takes time to find the right producer or distributor,. Then comes developing the relationship and assessing the reliability of the products.

A selection of STURIA’s Haute Couture Collection (PRNewsFoto/Sturia Caviar)

Team at Luxofood invest their time so as you don’t have to. By sourcing the best products cooking aficionados will delight guests with wonderful meals bringing the fine dining experience into your homes.

Who is Luxofood? They are the highly curated gourmet food online service now operating in Jakarta. Covering all JADETABEK (Greater Jakarta, excluding Bogor), Luxofood are delivering straight to your home the same day with express delivery, next day or whenever you want 15 days into the future. Their premium positioned marketplace platform brings to customers exclusive products that can rarely be found in the supermarket, French caviar, artisanal products and Organic Australian beef usually sold in 5-stars hotels. All products have been thoroughly selected by the Luxofood team who have worked with foreign and local chefs in Indonesia for decades.

If you have further questions feel free to contact at support@luxofood.com or whatsapp at +62 813-1552-5400.  To learn more about it visit www.luxofood.com (or Facebook and Instagram @luxofood)