What started as a hobby turned into one of the largest and fastest-growing fine wine distributors in Indonesia. Established in 2010, PT. Dwimitra Sukses Perkasa (DSP) was born out of a shared passion for wine. The Co-Founders partnered to establish DSP aiming to educate and to offer the Indonesian market impeccable service and wines from all around the globe. Inspired by the culinary and cultural heritage of drinking wine, DSP highlights the art of wine drinking as a way of life. DSP aims to inspire people to begin their love affair with wine because it is more than just an alcoholic beverage. Wine is a special sign of culture, elegance, and refinement, and DSP wants to make this lifestyle enjoyable and attainable to everyone. 

Promoting this wine drinking lifestyle, DSP was hosting yet another exclusive wine showcase event, THEATRE OF TASTE, on 23 July at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. Invitees can explore and taste different wines from 7 different booths, where over 40 brands are classified based on their region or category—Australia and New Zealand, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Rum and Bubble. The Bubble booth showcases champagne, sparkling wines, and cava. This by-invitation-only event will be hosted both day and night in two different sessions. The day event is a trade tasting session, where restaurant managers, hotel managers, and sommeliers get the opportunity to sample the fruitful taste of wines from its portfolio.

The night event is an exclusive by-invitation event where foodies and wine enthusiasts alike will enjoy an evening of pure bliss savoring some of the world’s most sought-after wines, accompanied by the polished hospitality of the skilled staff and a captivating atmosphere with live music by Elmand and Desi Ananta. The animated personalities of Patricia Gouw and Putra Sigar will enliven the night as they emcee the event, and finally, the event will be closed with an after-party and Live DJ act by Danti Hanoum. In anticipation of THEATRE OF TASTE, DSP kicked off with campaigning on social media platforms. The early stages of the campaign started with social media posts, followed by a winery trip to Italy with selected social media influencers—Olivia Lazuardy, Michi Momo, and Patricia Gouw.

DSP has chosen several other influencers from different backgrounds to further promote the art of drinking wine to their wide audience. We invited influencers such as Steven Yoe, My Fun Food Diary, Benny Lim, Captain Ruby, Eat and Treats, Picci Ramlan, Michi Momo, Tantra Tobing and Olivia Lazuardy for a food and wine pairing event in top restaurants around Jakarta. Demonstrating DSP’s lifelong commitment to wine education, THEATRE OF TASTE is not their first big-scale event to grace the market. DSP has been constantly hosting events that include wine training, wine dinners, gala dinners, wine tastings, and wine exhibitions. DSP holds on to the core values the Co-Founders have instilled in them since 9 years ago, providing quality service and bringing wine drinking culture to the Indonesian market. DSP aims to be the pioneer of the wine lifestyle in Indonesia. 

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