Established in 1962, Sarinah has become a forum for all Indonesian creative industry activists to present their best works to a wide audience.

After being temporarily closed for major renovation in 2020, the shopping center was re-opened again in March 2022. After the facelift, Sarinah has had a new face which means many exciting things to offer. To make you even more curious, here are some new things that visitors can find and see in the new Sarinah shopping mall.

Community Mall

The new Sarinah shopping building carries the concept of a community mall which is expected to be a gathering place not only for adults but also for young people and communities. Many instagrammable spots you can find both indoor and outdoor areas.


When you set foot in the Sarinah compound, the amphitheater facilities will be directly visible around the Sarinah Building. This facility can be used as a gathering and relaxing area to enjoy an open-air space full of plants and a small pond overlooking the main road. Visitors can feel the invigorating space during the days, not to mention the atmosphere will be romantic with dim lights set on the floor and stairs at night. With this facility, it is hoped that the Sarinah Building will become a creative hub for young people and Indonesian artists.


Sarinah provides easy access for pedestrians, bikers, and disabled people through pathways and inclined paths on the amphitheater terrace. For those of you who bring a vehicle, you can enter via Sunda Street and head to the South Lobby. This lobby is a place for dropping off, complete with an outdoor parking area and a separate parking building at the backside of the Sarinah building.

Interior Design

The interior design offers something completely new after the revamp. The interior design of the Sarinah building looks more modern but still exudes the touch of the archipelago details. The roofs are meticulously decorated with rattan handicrafts that hang along the retail area. In addition, bright lights and ornaments made of brown wood can make visitors comfortable walking around this very aesthetic shopping center.

Historical Sculpture

Not far from the lobby, there are several photos showing the Sarinah building from time to time. With that, the visitors can become more knowledgeable about one of the oldest buildings in Jakarta. Here you can also find the ‘treasure’ of Soekarno’s legacy which is historical reliefs. This relief statue was rediscovered when the Sarinah Building, which becomes a cultural heritage, was being restored and renovated. Reliefs were found in the mechanical-electrical room that not just anyone could enter.

The rows of relief sculptures feature figures of farmers, women, fishermen, and shepherds. They are the figures of the Marhaen, people who are persistent in their struggle. It becomes the centerpiece of the building where visitors usually flock to capture the photo.