The 22nd edition of the European Union (EU) Film Festival “Europe on Screen (EoS) 2022”, was officially concluded tonight (26/6) at Goethe-Institut Indonesien, Jakarta. EoS 2022 attracted many filmgoers in 6 major Indonesian cities through its offline screenings. In total, there were 178 offline screenings in 16 venues in Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. The Indonesian public were also able to enjoy online screenings via Many moviegoers stated that they were excited to attend the festival and happy to watch the films in-person after two years of full virtual screenings due to the pandemic.

H.E. Vincent Piket, EU Ambassador to Indonesia, said “This year, we featured 69 films from 25 European countries and 20 film talks, webinars and workshops that were entertaining and enriching. Through the films, we have shown the Indonesian public the European diversity – culturally, geographically, socially, linguistically – and the creativity of its audio-visual sector. We also built links between film professionals from Europe and film students in Indonesia. I hope that the sharing of experience and knowledge will help these students along their creative paths.”

The closing film, “The Big Hit” by Emmanuel Courcol, tells the story of an out-of-work actor who accepts a job directing a theatre workshop in prison. Surprised by the raw talent of the inmates, they started doing the famous play ‘Waiting for Godot’ and managed to do a tour outside of prison. The French film won Best Comedy Film at European Film Awards 2020. The duration is 106 minutes, and the film is in French with English subtitles.

H.E Olivier Chambard, France Ambassador for Indonesia, applauded the selection of “The Big Hit” to conclude EoS 2022. “We are proud that our movie is selected as a closing film for Europe on Screen 2022. French cinema always aims to develop historic and personal stories, also delivering spot-on drama, unexpected twists, and actions. The Big Hit is a French comedy-drama that embraces community, realism, and emotional reasoning. I believe, that this film is one of Europe on Screen’s best films this year.”

While the EoS offline screenings have ended, 28 films are still available for online viewing. Festival Co-Director Nauval Yazid said, “We are proud to provide a hybrid festival experience in 11 days, in particular with our return to offline screenings in Jakarta and five other cities in Indonesia. Currently, the festival is still happening online through until 30 June 2022 with many sold-out films. This shows that online screenings can co-exist together with offline screenings, and both can be equally well attended by our audiences.”

As the tradition of previous EoS editions, the Festival wrapped-up with an announcement of three winners of the Short Film Pitching Project (SFPP) 2022. From 191 entries to the SFPP 2022 competition, 10 finalists had pitched their ideas to a panel of jury comprising Indonesian film professionals. The jury panel selected the following three winners of this year’s SFPP competition:

  1. ”Sing, Bee, Sing!” by Gin Teguh from Magelang
    The 1st prize winner is awarded:
    >. Partial production fund in the amount of Rp. 13.000.000 (thirteen million Rupiah) 
    >. Audio post-production facility, one editing short course and two script writing short courses from SAE Indonesia
    >. Special package from Kemala Home Living
  2. ”Passing” by Gisela Levy from Jakarta
    The 2nd prize winner is awarded: 
    >. Partial production fund in the amount of Rp. 10.000.000 (ten million Rupiah) 
    >. Two script writing short courses from SAE Indonesia
    >. Special package from Kemala Home Living
  3. ”Make a Wish” by Adventio Diyar from Surakarta
    The 3rd prize winner is awarded: 
    >. Partial production fund in the amount of Rp. 8.000.000 (eight million Rupiah) 
    >. One script writing short course from SAE Indonesia
    >. Special package from Kemala Home Living

The three winners of SFPP 2022 will have their films world premiered in EoS 2023.

Festival Co-Director Meninaputri Wismurti said, “This year’s EoS SFPP finalists are dominated by young filmmakers from outside of Jakarta, like Magelang, Yogyakarta, Sidoarjo and Solo. This shows the outreach of the Indonesian film scene to other areas, not only focusing on Jakarta. Europe on Screen is glad to support this development.”

As one of the largest European film festivals in the world and the longest-running film festival in Indonesia, EoS is the annual flagship cultural event of the EU diplomatic and cultural representations in Indonesia. The EU Film Festival was first held in Indonesia in 1990, followed by the second in 1999. Starting in 2003, the EU Film Festival in Indonesia is held annually under the label “Europe on Screen”.