The love of gelato is endless and timeless. We could happily partake any time to shove down a really good gelato all year round because they bring joyful happiness to help us stay cool. Jakarta has a myriad of spots that offer gelato, but the first thing in mind when it came to gelato is Gelato Secrets.

First established in 2017, Gelato Secrets founder Gregory Lentini that was born from an Italian family and then raised in France has curated the best-kept ingredients to create the perfect gelato that everybody loves. Inspired by both Italian and French backgrounds, Lentini has been maintaining the whole production ever since. The production only uses 100% fresh natural products. “We make all of our gelatos from scratch every day. Every flavor is made from the freshest natural products with no added preservatives, coloring, premix powder, and artificial sweeteners. So we can ensure our gelato is not only fresh and sublime but also healthy,” stated Gregory Lentini.

Party Pack

Plus, there’s an emphasis on getting the freshest ingredients from the local farmers from Indonesia. “We get the freshest resources from the local farmers, buying ingredients directly from local farmers means that we support the local community, bolstering other independent businesses and the local economy,” added Gregory. Since 2009, they have scoured Bali for the best fruits, vegetables, spices, and other natural ingredients that Bali has bestowed upon us. It’s such an absolute pleasure to share those incredible discoveries through “Eats Meets West” concept of artisanal gelato creation.

Waffle with Gelato

In today’s scene, Gelato Secrets business is getting bigger as they have already 7 outlets in Jakarta alone and 9 outlets in Bali. We had a chance to visit their newly opened store in the northern-most Jakarta. Nestled in the new outdoor communal space by the seaside named COVE at Batavia PIK, Gelato Secrets houses in a space that offers a feasible hang-out place that overviews Golf Island and their signature landmark bridge befitting of a tropical vibe. The store features a very nice and calm indoor space with large windows that overlooks the scenery and the crowds. Want to feel a warm outdoor space ambiance overlooking the sunset, the terrace beside the store will be an ideal place to perch.

Gelato Secrets at COVE at Batavia PIK

Gelato Secrets offers 24 flavors that will satiate your cravings. From the ultimate classics like Ferrero Rocher, Vanilla Bean, Matcha Green Tea, Peanut Butter Chocolate & Caramel, Brownies Milk Chocolate, Salted Butter Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Straciatella, Coffee, and many more to some of the unique creations like Honeycomb Vanilla, Durian, Vanilla Bamboo Charcoal, Jasmine Tea, and more.

Iced Coffee and cold drinks

If the gelato wasn’t enough, there is also a load of healthy sorbetto that comes from the Italian word of sorbet. Sorbetto does not contain egg and daily products so it’s a perfect non-fat or low-fat alternative for you who are dairy-conscious or lactose-intolerant. 5 sorbetto flavors are available for your guilt-free pleasure such as Passion Fruit Mango, Rose Petal Lychee Raspberry, Mango, Passionfruit, Bacio (chocolate & hazelnut), and Strawberry.


To make it even more interesting, every month Gelato Secrets whips up a storm with Special of the Month flavor. This October, they collaborate with Nusa Cana Tropical Island Rum to create everyone’s favorite Rum Raisin Gelato and the result is a super-punch rum flavor infused to perfection. 

Rum Raisin Gelato

Gelato starts at IDR 35,000 in cup, or IDR 40,000, or you can even go big with their Extra Large with a choice of 4 flavors at IDR 95,000 in the cup or Party Pack 500ml with a choice of 5 flavors at IDR 135,000 in the cup

Outdoor Terrace

If you’re in the mood for a heavier dessert, their Waffle comes with icing sugar and whipped cream, or you make it extra with additional toppings like caramel sauce or chocolate sauce and scoops of gelato to fit the entire party in your mouth.

If you’re only stopping by for a drink, worry not. Try the Iced Coffee menu like Kopi Susu Gula Aren, Salted Butter Caramel Latte, Hazelnut Latte, and Pistachio Late. They also have more fruity flavors loaded with zesty sweet jellies such as Strawberry Mint Tea & Strawberry Jelly and Passionfruit Green Tea to quench your thirst. As for the Milkshake, you can create your own unique flavors by mixing max 2 flavors.

Gelato Secrets
COVE at Batavia PIK
Ruko RB2V No.5 Jalasena, Golf Island, PIK, Jakarta 14460, Indonesia
Phone: +62 811 1994 252
Instagram: @gelatosecrets