The high enthusiasm of the Indonesian audience towards the supernatural world is undeniable. This reality can be proven from supernatural video content on YouTube that has managed to gain millions of views, such as Diari Misteri Sara (DMS) which is fronted by Sara Wijayanto with Demian Aditya, Wisnu Hardana, and Fadi Iskandar. Seeing the enthusiasm, popularity, and intention to provide entertainment as well as a more real experience, Wengi is here, which is a vehicle for tracing Diari Misteri Sara through the Virtual Reality Experience at Senayan Park Mall, 1st Floor, Jakarta from 1 to 24 July 2022. This Wengi ride is held by Panorama Live in collaboration with Diari Misteri Sara and partnered with Rekata Studio.

As a retainer of Diari Misteri Sara, Sara Wijayanto herself is already known as a psychic light trance medium, namely a person who has the ability to see and communicate with creatures from the supernatural world. She shows this unique ability to the public through a video series that is packaged in an interesting and tense search concept, thus creating loyal viewers and fans called Saraddicts. These viewers and Saraddicts consistently support DMS to keep creating the latest search video content.

“Honestly, all of us at DMS are very excited because we can finally invite Saraddicts and all of their friends to explore with us. Even though it’s virtual reality, what Saraddicts will feel on this vehicle is the same as what we felt when searching,” said Sara Wijayanto.

As a vehicle for searching Diari Misteri Sara, Wengi was created because it captures the aspirations and desires of the audience and Saraddicts, as well as offers a new experience for people who are interested in knowing more about the stories of figures from other worlds. This is because the DMS team’s tracking videos that have been showing their journey and communicating with creatures inhabiting the supernatural world seem to have created curiosity and the audience’s desire to experience. Through the comments column on Diari Misteri Sara official account, viewers often ask questions about what Sara Wijayanto and the DMS team really feel, see, or hear.

As the organizer of major events at home and abroad, Panorama Live then won the trust to build and hold Wengi, which is Sara Wijayanto’s first vehicle with the DMS team.

“The Virtual Reality Experience concept is implemented in Wahana Wengi because of Saraddicts’ great curiosity to follow the search and also the desire of DMS to make this vehicle safe for Saraddicts. From Panorama Live itself, we really want to create a unique, new, and different mystery vehicle, especially with the development of technology. So our desire turned out to be in accordance with the vision and mission of the DMS who also carried the Virtual Reality idea, so we also agreed to apply the Virtual Reality Experience concept. This Wengi ride has certainly been made in such a way with the hope that Saraddicts can really experience what the DMS team felt during the search and also feel a different kind of excitement,” explained Andita Tirtawisata, Project Manager of Panorama Live.

In this Wengi search vehicle, Diari Misteri Sara team invites visitors to become their fifth member with the aim of finding the figure of an inhabitant of the supernatural who is trapped in an abandoned building. Through this Virtual Reality Experience method, in the Wengi vehicle, visitors will be made to be able to see and hear these supernatural beings so that they can be helped towards the light.

In order to directly feel the tension of being a member of Diari Misteri Sara, visitors can buy tickets for Wengi rides online or on-site. Visitors can choose one of four storylines when buying tickets, namely the search story of Sara Wijayanto, Demian Aditya, Wisnu Hardana, or Fadi Iskandar. The number of promos provided by the organizers makes visitors spoiled with very affordable ticket prices for each storyline. Starting from the discount price promo per Storyline to the Bundling 4 Storyline Savings Package for visitors who want to experience all the stories on the Wengi ride.

To be able to enjoy Wahana Wengi, visitors can directly come to the location and follow the guidelines from the rides officers. The audio-visual equipment on VR Glass has been provided by the Wengi team. More complete information about the Wengi search vehicle can be checked on the page: