It’s always the right time to consume healthy juices and boost your immunity, especially during this pandemic period. And to support our effort of physical distancing, these detox juice shops will deliver their healthy juices to your place.

1. Naked Press

In 2015, Naked Press team came up with cold-pressed juice detox packages to help people fulfill the self-healing capability. Working with a team of doctors and nutritionists to create the best cold-pressed juice packages specifically designed to boost our natural self-healing ability. In support of physical distancing, Naked Press will deliver juices to your house by its trusted delivery team. And of course, Naked Press will not forget to maintain the health & hygiene of its employees, as well as the products.

Instagram: nakedpressjuicery

2. Re.juve

So you can still #StayatHome and get a healthy drink intake to maintain your health and immunity, Re.juve stores remain open to serve delivery orders. You can directly order via WhatsApp or call +62817735883/+628111735883/+62818735883 or email to

Instagram: rejuveid

3. Vitamin Monster

For the detox program, you can buy the detox package by Vitamin Monster. In one detox package, you will get 8 bottles of Vitamin Monster delivered every morning. It contains 2 bottles of infused water and 6 bottles of 100% cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.
Coldpressed Vitamin Monster is no added water or sugar with a complete vitamin and nutrition. Perfect for maintaining immunity especially during the pandemic.

For order, please contact WhatsApp at +628170432199 or this link. You can also get more information about the products on Instagram vitaminmonster.

4. Berrywell Healthy Bar

Berrywell consistently provides anything you need for a healthy lifestyle. Including its cold-pressed juices, healthy, refreshing cold-pressed juice filled with vitamins that will boost your immune. You can order them online and will be delivered to your house. Head over to Instagram berrywelljkt for order or more information about the products.

5. Euphoric Juice

Euphoric Juice offers the Immunity Booster made out of fresh and natural ingredients. No powdered and artificial ingredients, no food coloring and no added preservatives. Making sure each ingredient brings healthy and beneficial benefits for you. You can order them and other detox juices by Euphoric Juice via WhatsApp at +628989 899990, email, or Instagram euphoricjuice.

6. Mama Roz

Mama Roz offers many variants of immune booster juices with fresh and delicious taste. You can order via WhatsApp at +628118431122 and visit Instagram mamaroz_id or this link for more information.


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