Mid-Autumn Festival is fast upon us once more. The festival is traditionally celebrated with mooncakes symbolizing family togetherness on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month when the moon is at its brightest and most beautiful. This year, Shangri-La Jakarta continues its tradition of introducing an extensive range of traditional and innovative mooncakes in 11 exquisite flavors to delight one and all in the lead-up to 10 September this year.

JIA’s gourmet specialists have created a delectable taste of Chinese legacy, featuring authentic flavors of Red Lotus in Single Yolk and Double Yolk, White Lotus Paste and White Lotus in Single and Double Yolk variants. The lotus is a regal flower in Chinese history and a symbol of sacred purity and is widely used in traditional desserts.

Exclusively, there will be a variety of flavors waiting to be savored, namely Red Bean Paste, Bamboo Charcoal Pandan, Black Sesame Paste with Single Yolk. For those looking for vegetarian options, they can indulge in mooncakes baked with Healthy Five Grains. The two new flavors specially concocted for this year are the Mini Baked Custard Egg Yolk mooncake and Mini Snow Skin Pandan Paste with Chocolate Praline mooncake, ideal companions with a revitalizing cup of tea. The all-time favorite Mini Snow Skin Egg Custard with Durian mooncake is also back to pamper guests’ tastebuds.

24K Premium Hampers

JIA’s mooncake collection this year is elegantly presented in a breath-taking combination palette featuring 2022 PANTONE color of the year – Very Peri, and very peri colors embellished with lovely autumnal undertones, making the gift box even more charming. All the lovely Mooncakes would make an exquisite treat to give to loved ones and to pay homage to the cherished tradition of family reunions for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

One can choose from a combination of packaging and quantities to best suit their gifting needs. Traditional flavours of White Lotus and Red Bean Paste are priced at IDR 468,000+ for a box of two Mooncakes and IDR 668,000+ for a box of four Mooncakes, while Mooncakes with additional Yolk Fillings, Red Lotus, Bamboo Charcoal Pandan, Black Sesame Paste with Single Yolk and Assorted Mooncakes are priced at IDR 488,000+ for a box of two Mooncakes and IDR 698,000+ for a box of four Mooncakes.

The new vegetarian mooncake of Healthy Five Grains, is priced at IDR 508,000+ for a box of two mooncakes and IDR 888,000+ for a box of four pieces. A box containing six delightful Mini Baked Custard Egg Yolk mooncakes, Mini Snow Skin Egg Custard with Durian mooncakes or Mini Snow Skin Pandan with Chocolate Praline Mooncakes are priced at IDR 658,000+ per box.

Shangri-La Jakarta has also specially prepared exquisite Mooncake Hampers as additional gifting options. The Premium Hamper, priced at IDR 1,888,000+, consists of four baked Mooncake pieces, three Cookie boxes, and a box of Pistachio Nuts. The Premium 24K Hamper, priced at IDR 2,888,000+, contains Shangri-La’s iconic 8-piece Mini Baked Custard and comes with an exquisitely encased 24K Gold Mooncake itself. Each limited edition luxury hamper is presented in three different styles. From the stylish luxe Very Peri-hue Acrylic Premium case complete with gold engraving priced at IDR 2,988,000 Net to a collection of elegant gold wooden boxes designed as a luggage case priced at IDR 2,988,000 Net and as a luxury humidor wooden box priced at IDR 3,988,000 Net, one is spoilt for choice this gifting season.

Mooncake Premium Hampers

The Mooncakes will be displayed and available for purchase in an exquisitely designed booth at the Hotel’s Lobby area from 11 July to 22 September 2022. Guests who place their order before 1 August 2022 and Shangri-La Circle members will receive a 20% early bird saving.

For more information and reservations, guests may call +6221 2939 9587 or send an email to jia.slj@shangri-la.com. Alternatively, guests can visit https://linktr.ee/shangrilajkt for the full suite of information on this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival offering or WhatsApp text at +62 818-181-530.