As dine–in restrictions have continued to ease from the impact of “PSBB”, Mad Cow Vimala Hills will reopen its dining room from October 2020.  For the resumption of businesses under the “New Normal” environment, Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention has developed measures and practices at the restaurants where hygiene and health safety will be the highlights encompassing 5 key commitments, apart from the general precautionary measures for Covid-19 procedures: (1) limit the number of diners to half; (2) body temperature screening; (3) distancing practices within the premises such as elevator and restroom; (4) “New Normal” arrangements for food & beverage serving and (5) queuing system with the separation of waiting for spaces before entering the dining room.

It is Mad dining time at a great place and with great food & company to savour not only exceptional food and drinks but also vibrant restaurant scenes.  With a lively atmosphere, as guests are searching for a fun dining time with families and friends, Mad Cow Vimala Hills is the perfect choice that showcasing mouth-watering dishes combining the comfort of indoor and outdoor spaces. The dining room with a comfortable setting is perfect for any occasion.  It is a convivial place to enjoy the succulent flavour and best grilled-to-perfection steak, richly flavourful seafood, tasty appetizers and platters for sharing that will leave the taste buds begging for another bite. With the highest quality ingredients and timeless recipes, everything in the menu is cooked flawlessly each and every time, featuring an array of ingenious techniques that incorporate regional taste, farm-fresh products, and local & sustainably sourced ingredients. No one leaves hungry from Mad Cow.

The steak selections, MAD GRILL, feature meticulously curated beef resulting in unmatched flavour and texture. The perfected grilling method and seasoning techniques ensure the meat served is cooked to perfection and sizzling until juicy & tender. The re-opening exclusive offers include US Sirloin Steak Combo – IDR 290,000 ++ and Meltique Sirloin Combo – IDR 360,000 ++.  Alongside with on-a-plate-served dishes, the newly introduced re-opening menu include Maddie Double Skewer – IDR 275,000 ++ – a twin grilled and marinated trio meat (beef, chicken& lamb) served in hanging skewers.

In addition to the newly introduced new dishes, the diverse menu offers something for everyone; with freshly made salads and starters, delectable soup selections, rolls up, homemade pasta & handcrafted burgers, and the enticing Premium & Asian Favorites. To complement the main courses, a range of seasonal sides that will intrigue your appetite and exceptional desserts are available as the perfect indulgent to finish any meal.

To complete it all, Mad Cow offers fresh and rejuvenating selections of non-alcoholic drinks; from hand-crafted seasonal mocktails made with premium fruit mixes, syrup & carefully sourced herbs, to hand-squeezed juices. For a healthier option, smoothies and fresh mixed vegetable & fruit juices are the perfect choice for evening meet ups. Diners can also choose from a variety of tea collections and uniquely blended coffee drinks to end the meal.

At Mad Cow Vimala Hills, meet, mingle, and enjoy delicious meals paired with refreshing drinks. Where locals gather and families celebrate special occasions, possessing an extraordinary team that delivers exceptional service and a lively atmosphere that goes on from day through night.

Enjoy Mad Cow Vimala Hills through Wednesday – Saturday from 18:00 – 22:00 and Saturday – Sunday from 12:00 – 16:00. Get Combo Menus and Maddie Double Skewer and enjoy 2 portions of meat, complete with 2 hearty soups of the day, fresh salad, and tasty French fries. Reserve your seat by calling +62 (251) 830 6888 / +62 (857) 1027 3504 or email your inquiries to For maximum experience, spend the rest of your time at our resort by booking your stay from