Arguably one of the most talented young Indonesian bartenders in the industry today and Spice Island Distilling Co’s Brand Ambassador, Darren Defretes in the past few years has won himself an impressive number of bartending competition titles. Winning the Grand Champion International Bartender Associates and Top 10 Asia Pacific International Bartender (IBA Competition) is also known as a fantastic & friendly host

To those who want to explore the rich flavours of the spice islands through the finest handcrafted cocktails. Using Indonesian spices traded in the past, like nutmeg, cloves and lemongrass, combined with select spirits from around the world, Darren is always passionate to create bespoke and well-executed cocktails, successfully accomplishing a celebration of Indonesian flavours in every drop.

He has also defined an ideal cocktail as one that is “dimensional in taste, balanced, simple but has character and is suitable for the occasion or time of day.”

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Spice Islands Distilling Co. (The Producer) 

Spice Islands Distilling Co. is one of Indonesia’s first true craft distilleries. Situated in Keramas Beach, Bali, the tropical island known aptly as ‘ The Island of the Gods’. It differentiates itself from other Indonesian manufacturers of spirits by the authentic way it makes its products. 

At the heart of the distillery is the 550-litre hybrid still, hand made by CARL GmBH in Germany. This manufacturer of stills brings over 140 years of experience, innovation and state of the art technology to the Spice Island brands.

Hitherto, due to economic drivers, cheap, lower quality spirits have prevailed in Indonesia. We believe strongly in the potential for Indonesia to produce world-class spirits using the incredible array of products and botanicals available in the largest archipelago on earth which is why our mission is to ‘Raise Indonesian Spirits’ and share them with the world. 

Nusantara Negroni

Our approach is that of uncompromising commitment to quality using only the finest ingredients and best equipment for our range of craft spirits.

For more information, visit and on social media on @nusantaracoldbrew