Commemorating the 20th anniversary of building an empire in the patisserie industry in Indonesia, Ermey Trisniarty of Dapur Cokelat proudly launches a book titled “Dapur Cokelat Bercerita” in a virtual press conference. Together with the author Asteria Elanda, the launching event of “Dapur Cokelat Bercerita” tells a fascinating journey of Dapur Cokelat on how becoming the big chocolate cake shop in Indonesia. An inspiring and successful journey everyone must know.

This hard cover book that features 10 chapters is equipped with 9 signature recipes of Dapur Cokelat which are well known to the public. 20 years is not a short time, like a complex chocolate taste, this book tells the sweet and bitter journey and the struggle of Dapur Cokelat working from zero to being known as one of Indonesia’s superbrands today. This book, which contains the inspirational story of Ermey’s journey and the Chocolate Kitchen, is a perfect example so that we dare to dream and dare to make our dreams come true.

In 2001, Ermey ventured to open Toko Cokelat with the help of the late Gusnidar and Okky Dewanto who later became Ermey’s husband and the President Director of Dapur Cokelat. With limited equipment, Toko Cokelat then metamorphosed into Dapur Cokelat which has a large modern production kitchen and currently has 29 outlets and 26 delivery points throughout Indonesia.

“Focus on what we are interested in. Learn the science. Then have a dream and work hard and look for opportunities to make it happen. Believe in your own abilities. Get up again if you fall. Keep doing that,” said Ermey Trisniarty as an invitation for readers of the book “Dapur Cokelat Bercerita” to act towards achieving their dreams, with the hope that Ermey’s journey and Dapur Cokelat can be an inspiration for people to dare to dream and dare to realize dreams.

Many awards in the culinary field as well as in the field of entrepreneurship have been won by both Dapur Cokelat and Ermey personally as a successful entrepreneur. One of the things thet are most proud of is or we can say the most notable peak they achieved so far is being the Official Partner of the State Palace of the Republic of Indonesia for the Open House and the 74th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019.

20 years is an important milestone in the journey of Dapur Cokelat and it will not stop. In the future, Dapur Cokelat plans to open more outlets throughout Indonesia and in Singapore.

“Dapur Cokelat Bercerita” was printed by PT Gramedia Jakarta, first edition in June 2021. Get the book “Dapur Cokelat Bercerita” at all Dapur Cokelat outlets and Gramedia bookstores throughout Indonesia.