Entering the new normal era, cycling has become a new trend among the people of Jakarta. In less than two months, enthusiasts of this activity soared rapidly, from adults, teens, to children. Rows of cyclists on the side of Jakarta’s main roads have become a normal sight for us. Besides for healthy purposes, cycling is already a part of Jakarta’s urban lifestyle as well. As much as how positive this activity is, cyclists still have to follow some safety and health protocols, especially during this pandemic. Here are things needed to know:

Photo: Jakarta Globe

The Safety & Health Protocols


1. Pay attention to the government’s appeal and the safe area of ​​Covid-19.
2. Keep the bike clean, especially the parts that come in contact with the hands.
3. Clean yourself and wash your hands with soap.
4. Avoid droplets with long sleeves, gloves, masks, goggles, headcovers (bandanas/cycling cap), carry sanitizers, and small towels.
5. Choose a mask made from cloth that is not too tight.
6. Bring a plastic bottle and cutlery yourself.

While Cycling

1. Prioritizing solo cycling. If cycling in groups, arrange in small groups of 2-5 cyclists.
2. Choose a line that avoids crowds and the red zone area of ​​Covid-19.
3. Keep the left-right distance between cyclists and other bicycles at least 2 meters.
4. Keep the front-back distance between cyclists at least 4 meters. The higher the speed of cycling, the distance must be further (>20 meters).
5. Keep your distance and be alert to the drivers of other bicycles.
6. Always obey traffic signs when cycling.

After Cycling

1. Wash your hands with soap.
2. Clean your hands and face with a tissue or small towel.
3. Prioritize keeping distance or physical distancing.
4. Always use a mask, except when eating and drinking.
5. Avoid sharing personal provisions with others (drinking bottles, food).
6. Get enough rest, no need to hang out for too long.

At Home after Finishing Cycling

1. Before entering the house, remove all equipment used.
2. Avoid physical contact with residents and touch furniture.
3. Spray helmets, shoes, materials with disinfectant liquid.
4. Remove clothes immediately, socks, gloves, masks, head covers, and wash them with detergent.
5. Immediately cleanse yourself, take a shower and shampoo.
6. Rest.

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