There’s always a good reason to come back to Cut The Crab as the place offers a great selection of seafood, as well as attractive promotions. For this March, you can savor the intriguing Weekday Madness special package which includes your favorite crabs, sauces, and sides. The restaurant also introduces three new options into its menu.

Cut The Crab - Weekday Madness
Weekday Madness for 3 persons

Weekday Madness is perfect for those crab fans and comes with two choices. First is a 3-persons worth package for only IDR250,000/package (normal price is IDR350,000). This package includes Double Trouble crabs 350gr each, 1 plate of mix fries (potato, cassava, and sweet potato), 1 plate of corn, 1 plate of cheese garlic bread, and 1 plate of broccoli. The second one is a 5-persons worth package cost IDR700,000/package (normal price IDR912,000). This package includes Double Nifty 2 crabs 550gr each, 2 plates of mix fries (potato, cassava, and sweet potato), 2 plates of corn, 1 plate of cheese garlic bread, 1 plate of sausage, 1 plate of mushroom, and 1 plate of broccoli.

Cut The Crab - Weekday Madness
Weekday Madness for 5 persons

For the crab, you can choose between 9 sauce selections provided here. When we visited the place to try this abundant package, we chose the newest sauce “Asia Favorite”. The sweet-spicy curry flavor and its strong-alluring aroma perfectly matched with the juicy and soft crab meat. As for the sides, everything is freshly prepared, using high-quality products and carefully crafted by the restaurant’s team. Do not skip the fluffy mushroom and the pleasantly delicate garlic bread. As well as the crunchy broccoli and sweet corn. As the name implies, this package is madly satisfying. Weekday Madness package available every Monday to Friday at Cut The Crab Kelapa Gading, Pantai Indah Kapuk, and Mangga Besar.

To even more complete the experience, Cut The Crab also excitedly introduces a new side dish, noodle. This home-made noodle is a compatible partner for any of your seafood package choices and sauce. Now, you will have more carbo choices other than sweet potato, garlic bread, or mixed fries. The restaurant also adds new side dish option, Dorang Fish Crispy Skin. Comes with a crunchy texture, this dish is coated with seasoned flour and chili powder, with a hint of buttery flavor. Dorang Fish Crispy Skin is also perfect for a small-bite choice while you’re waiting for the real-deal seafood package.

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