“Colours From Home” by The JuxDuo, an artistic collaboration between Erza S.T. & Alexander Thian was introducing a modern art medium through photography and Batik, Indonesia’s heritage fabric. The exhibit is part of Plaza Indonesia’s annual program celebrating Indonesian Independence Day, Indonesia Food and Art Festival. This first art exhibition of The JuxDuo runs from 10 – 24 August 2019 and is located at the Main Atrium of Plaza Indonesia, the most exclusive shopping center in Jakarta.

Abbreviated from the word juxtaposition, the duo brings together renowned travel writer and art connoisseur, Erza S.T. (@madame_exotique), with the well-heeled traveler and leading social media influencer and photography artist, Alexander Thian (@amrazing). Their passion for travel and their mutual respect and admiration for each other has brought these two talents together. Travelling has enabled them to discover their shared interest in photography and the desire to promote Indonesia’s rich heritage in unconventional landscapes and surroundings. With opposing yet complementary personalities as the backbone of their collaboration, what started as a friendship is now shared as a mutual appreciation of a balanced and harmonized collaborative work.

The JuxDuo filled each other’s cup where Thian’s way of capturing light, color, and movement through his camera exquisitely harmonizes with Erza’s dynamic and lavish poses. With their artworks, the duo presents a contemporary artistic approach that relates to modern-day life, carrying a concept of a luxury traveler seen through the lens of a nomad photographer in a modern, day-to-day setting.

Erza S.T. and Alexander Thian


Three years in the making, “Colours From Home” draws its vision and inspiration from the desire to spread the beauty of Indonesian Batik, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, to the world. The exhibition stems from The JuxDuo’s combined creative and artistic expertise and their frequent travels around the world. The result is a collection of dramatic photographs showcasing frames of majestic colors of traditional Indonesian Batik designed by the late maestro, Iwan Tirta. The photos were taken at myriad historical locations, inspiring landmarks or even off-the-beaten-track venues that accentuate the versatility of modern art while juxtaposing values as the perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of Indonesian heritage in a modern yet contemporary fashion.

The debut two-week-long exhibition for The JuxDuo showcases fresh yet quirky contemporary art pieces. Eight chosen heritage Batik photographs from the duo’s travels to exotic parts of the world from Bali, Siem Reap, Hong Kong, Jakarta, France to Monaco will be showcase focusing on the portrayals of contrasting colors and drama in art and design installation set up. Paying tribute to Iwan Tirta’s heritage Batik collection, the never-seen-before photographs are printed on high-quality duchess satin. The artworks are displayed mid-air and aligned juxtaposing each other and draped from the ceiling for guests to have an undisturbed, clear view of the composition on each of the photographs.