If dry-aged steaks and seafood are what your heart desires, look no further than Collin’s. Established in 2012, Collin’s embodies Chef Collin Ho’s passion and humble mission to provide premium Western cuisine at its finest in Singapore. With more than 20 years of culinary experience and many prestigious awards in their bag, each dish at Collin’s is born of passion and keen attention to detail. 

Now opened in Jakarta at Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall, Collin’s mission to combine healthy cooking and great ingredients to serve exceptional food broadens. As you enter you can feel a warm and relaxed ambiance with a hint of a modernized steakhouse. It feels darker, the sleeker venue with freezer where they store the dry-aged steaks, the prime perch for people-watching is now a steakhouse and bar that overlooks to the Pondok Indah Water Park, which essentially means that you can go from day to night with the myriad options on offer here.

Baked Escargot with White Button Mushroom

What’s the food like, you ask? Well, firstly you can kick off with Baked Escargot with White Button Mushroom, they serve it up with garlic-herb flavored butter on top of char-grilled sourdough, which is then can be followed by the delicious Baked Harrisa Prawns made from fresh tiger prawns baked with crushed tempeh and homemade spicy harissa sauce inspired from North Africa. Expect a complex flavor profile with strong earthy and nutty notes in the background of its heat.

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Another option to sauce it all up, Seafood Bouillabaisse comes with stewed fragrant saffron broth with a mixture of fresh seafood, potato, vegetables served with grilled garlic flatbread. It’s perfect for fuss-free sharing in groups. The prime steaks to look out for include their 45 Days Dry-aged Beef. You can’t go wrong with the signature Whiskey-aged Wagyu Sirloin Steak, expect a perfectly roasted, tender meat, tasty treat. The menu is served with a choice of side dish, Black Pepper Sauce and Truffle Hollandaise Sauce for your own self-indulgence.

Pina Colada

By now, you may only have space for sweets to end off the meal, cool it down with Pina Colada which is a show in itself. As the name suggests to the classic drink, the dessert arrived in a wide tall glass with dried-ice smoke. It serves coconut panna cotta with coconut jelly, coconut crumbles, pineapple granite, coconut gelato, pineapple gelato, and gula java sauce. It’s just the right amount of sweet, rich, creamy, and each nibble is tinged with a pleasant addiction.

COLLIN’s Prime Steak
Street Gallery Level 1, Pondok Indah Mall
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Pinang, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12310
Open: 10:00 – 00:00 (Sunday to Thursday), 10:00 – 02:00 (Friday to Saturday)
Phone: +6221 2952 9720
Instagram: collinsprimesteak.id

By: Stallone Tjia